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12 Wholesalers, Suppliers, and Private Label Manufacturers of Affordable Sunglasses


Sunglasses are no longer just functional; they are now also a fashion statement, and dropshipping sunglasses is a thriving market segment. 

Whether you’re looking for cheap and stylish sunglasses or high-quality private label sunglasses for your brand, the following list of 12 sunglasses suppliers, wholesalers, and private label manufacturers will help you get what you need for your sunglasses dropshipping business.

Dropshipping Sunglasses: General Suppliers, Wholesalers, Private Label Manufacturers, & Companies

Let’s start by covering some general suppliers, wholesalers, private label manufacturers, and companies that offer sunglasses dropshipping services:

1: Got Shades

Got Shades is one of the leading distributors, importers, wholesalers, and private labeling manufacturers of all types of eyewear, including all types of sunglasses and eyewear accessories.


  • Offers private labeling, wholesaling, and dropshipping services
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Bulk order discounts —10%, 15%, and 20% off for orders above $500-$3000 

  • A wide range of eyewear, sunglasses, and eyewear accessories selection, both for wholesaling and private labeling


  • Got Shades currently only ships to NAFTA countries, with orders received from non-US or Canada addresses canceled automatically

2: Miami Sunglasses

Miami Wholesale Sunglasses, an arm of Solaris Eyewear LLC, is one of the leading bulk wholesalers and distributors of designer sunglasses from well-known labels like Giselle®, Locs®, Choppers®, etc.


No minimum order quantities, but the wholesaler mostly sells to bulk buyers

Bulk volume discounts of 10%, 15%, and 20% for orders above $500, $1000, and $2,000 respectively

  • Supports US domestic payments via all major types of cards and international payments via PayPal, Western Union, and SWIFT/Bank transfers
  • Miami Sunglasses offers free worldwide shipping and drop shipping/blind shipping —you have to contact the wholesaler first if you want to set up a dropshipping partnership


  • Only sells and ships products by the dozen, especially for sellers not in a blind-shipping agreement with the wholesaler

3: CTS Wholesale Sunglasses

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses has been wholesaling sunglasses and eyewear accessories to retailers for the last 25 years. This wholesaling supplier has a proven track record of providing high-quality wholesale sunglasses at affordable prices.


  • Competitive, wholesale prices on all sunglasses
  • Bulk volume purchase discounts—10% off for orders between $500-$999, 15% off for orders between $1000-$1999, and 20% off for orders above $200

  • Offers different types of glasses and eyewear, including assorted reading glasses and their lenses
  • No minimum order quantity

  • A wide assortment of different kinds of sunglasses, sold by the dozen:


  • CTS Wholesale Sunglasses does not offer International Blind drop shipping

4: Buy2Bee

Buy2Bee is a fashion items wholesaling website featuring a very robust sunglasses division/catalog. Besides sunglasses, you can also use this supplier for other high-quality-and-high-end fashion products, like clothes and shoes.


  • Buy2Bee offers international dropshipping, using an automated process that can auto-sync their photos and product descriptions with your storefront, making shop management easier

  • Buy2Bee has tons of other fashion products and accessories, which can come in handy if you want to create a fashion store that goes beyond sunglasses and eyewear
  • This dropshipping wholesaler has no minimum order quantities or contracts and supports different kinds of payments, including PayPal and all major credit cards

  • A very clear and detailed FAQ page that has all the information you would want to know about their dropshipping process, including how they handle international shipping, returns, and customs


  • You have to register to see the catalog


As you’ve seen from this list of five general sunglasses supplies, wholesalers, and manufacturers, some suppliers offer sunglasses wholesaling only. On the other hand, others offer dropshipping services and, in some cases, private labeling. 

Let’s discuss websites or eCommerce platforms you can use as your source for a dropshipping sunglasses business:

Website or eCommerce Platforms Where you Can Find Dropshipping Sunglasses Suppliers

You can use these platforms to find sunglasses or sunglasses suppliers:

5: DHgate Sunglasses

DHgate is one of China’s largest B2B and B2C eCommerce platforms. It caters to individual buyers and businesses, connecting e-retailers and small and medium-sized business owners worldwide to Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.


  • One of the best things about using DHgate Sunglasses as your source is that you can work with multiple individual Chinese suppliers, many of whom offer dropshipping services
  • Very startup-friendly—Most of the sunglasses suppliers and dropshipping suppliers on DHGate offer low MOQ —as low as 10 pieces—, making suppliers on this platform very startup or solopreneur friendly

  • It’s easy to source from DHgate because once you find a supplier —or several suppliers— who offers to dropship the sunglasses you want to sell, all you have to do is populate your store with the sunglasses—, advertise your products, and send orders to the supplier for fulfillment
  • Sourcing from DHgate has many other advantages like Escrow payment protection, an APP and API integration, and dispute resolution features in-built into the platform, logistical/order fulfillment services, and affordable/free shipping


  • Since most of the suppliers on DHgate are Chinese manufacturers, dropshipping suppliers, and even private label manufacturers, they can be communication challenges
  • Slow shipping or shipping challenges, especially for international shipments

6: Sunglasses2U

Sunglasses2U is one of the UK’s leading retailers of affordable sunglasses and eyewear/eyewear accessories from different name brands, including but not limited to Ray-Ban, Oakley, Hugo Boss, and Marc Jab=cobs.

The platform sources its original and authentic products directly from manufacturers, which allows them to offer brand-name sunglasses and eyewear products at an affordable, retailer-friendly price.


  • It’s one of the UK’s largest retailers of brand name sunglasses and eyewear products
  • Affordable prices, thanks to partnerships with private manufacturers and the ongoing clearance sales that can allow you to grab designer sunglasses and eyewear at bottom-of-the-barrel prices
  • Free worldwide shipping and a 60 days return policy

  • A variety of products and design choices, thanks to the comprehensive product catalog
  • Price match feature —with this feature, if you inform the retailer or another UK-based retailer offering a lower price for a specific/similar product, the retailer will match the price —with some restrictions

  • Supports all major payment systems with verified and assured end-to-end encrypted security 
  • A wide catalog of authentic designer sunglasses at affordable prices


  • Very little information about their capacity to dropship
  • No listed MOQs
  • Also retails

7: Big Buy

Big Buy is a leading Dropshipping wholesaler of different consumer products, including but not limited to sunglasses, eyewear, and other beauty products, electronics, clothing, etc.

Big Buy primarily specializes in wholesaling and dropshipping products, using its vast and well-established shipping and drop shipping logistical system as its success backbone.


  • Competitively priced sunglasses—and tons of other products 
  • A wide catalog of sunglasses, including their recommended RRP price

  • Offers B2B wholesaling on different types of products, including sunglasses and other types of eyewear
  • Supports multi-channel integrations and synchronization with different API-friendly features, including Shopify and carrier integration
  • Offers a turnkey, done-for-you eCommerce store solution tied to their ever-growing product catalog

  • Big Buy is an all-in-one wholesaling supplier who can do everything for you: catalog, logistics, shop, order fulfillment, shipping, and more


  • NONE: This is one of the best dropshipping suppliers for all products, including sunglasses.

Now let’s discuss some specific private label sunglasses dropshippers

Private Label Drop shipping Sunglasses Companies

In previous posts, we’ve discussed whether it is possible to private label everything, the cost of private labeling, compared private labeling vs. white labeling vs. branded products, and the top 11 things to ask private label manufacturers.

Since sunglasses are popular, they come in different specifications and features, and there is no shortage of dropshipping sunglasses suppliers, wholesalers, and platforms. You can legally private label them, and with the proper market, they may make private labeling worth it. 

If you would like to create a private label sunglasses brand, you can consider the following private label drop shipping companies:

8: Outlook Eyewear Canada Limited

With over 40-years of excellence under its belt, Outlook Eyewear Canada considers itself “Canada’s Best B2B Eyewear Specialist,” specializing specifically in designing, manufacturing, and distributing private label eyewear products, including sunglasses.


  • 40 years of experience in the private labeled sunglasses field; this experience can trickle down to better brand experience, especially for dropshipping businesses that eventually want to set up in house production units
  • Outlook Eyewear Canada is a -in-one service provider, offering services such as custom sunglasses development, an assortment of different private label sunglasses, warehousing, logistics, distribution, dropshipping, and inventory management

  • A variety of varied private label sunglasses options and choices for retailers

  • Brand expertise: Being the private label manufacturing company behind big-name sunglasses brands like Vigor, Dickies, and Buffalo, to mention a few, Outlook Eyewear Canada has over four decades of experience with national sunglasses brands


  • The website lacks detailed information about their private labeling process, FAQ, MOQ, or whether they offer drop shipping services

9: Eyeking LLC

Eyeking LLC is a leading private-label designer and manufacturer of sunglasses. The company takes great pride in its capacity to provide its retail and brand partners with innovative, popular, and fashionable sunglasses made using innovative, high-quality, and responsibly sourced materials.


  • All-in-one services: This private label manufacturer offers design, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, distribution, and merchandising; these services can make running a private label sunglasses business easier
  • Tons of sunglasses design options from which to choose for your private label brand

  • Offerings dropshipping and direct-to-customer shipping services:


  • The website lacks important information about the company’s private labeling and dropshipping processes, MOQs, and other key information that would prove useful to private label sunglasses companies looking to partner with this private label sunglasses manufacturer.

10: Asia Pacific Trading Co. Inc

With over 40 years of experience in wholesaling, manufacturing, and private labeling sunglasses, Asia Pacific Trading Co. Inc is a US-based private label wholesaler.

Featuring over 3,000 styles and designs, Asia Pacific has one of the largest catalogs of sunglasses, with many of the available designs being private labeling-friendly


  • Offers private labeling services to wholesale partners, offering fringe services like private label packaging and matching private label sunglasses retailers with tailor-made business services
  • Easy-to-use private label process; Asia Pacific has an easy-to-use private label program
  • No minimum order quantity 

  • A wide selection of affordably-priced sunglasses choices available for wholesaling and private labeling


  • Very scarce information is available about their private labeling arm

11: Essequadro Srl

Essequadro eyewear is a steep-in-Italian-tradition, Italian private label manufacturer of sunglasses and eyewear, with one of the most involved processes—featuring 72 individual stages. 

Essenquandro Eyewear is an all-in-one designer and manufacturer of high-quality eyewear, with over 50 years of passed-down-the-generational tree experience.


  • All in one private labeling solution, including R & D, production, marketing, distribution, and delivery 
  • Because of the over 50 years of experience, Essequandro Srl has amazing sunglasses designs that are also private labeling ready


  • Not much information is available about their private labeling arm on the website

12: Blue Gem Wholesale Sunglasses

With over 38 years of experience selling sunglasses to small retailers and business owners, Blue Gem Wholesale Sunglasses is a wholesaling supplier of private label sunglasses and eyewear accessories. The company promises to work with retailers of all sizes, creating custom business solutions for each retailer.


  • Low minimum order of 100 pieces per style with a custom branding printing fee of $2.50 per piece and per color

  • eGifts included in product private label packaging 
  • Easy to get started process; to get started on your private label sunglasses journey using Blue Gem Wholesale Sunglasses as your private label supplier, you only need to fill an intuitively-designed private label form
  • Can brand some of their best-selling sunglasses with your brand logo —done through printing or engraving —or help you create custom-to-your-brand sunglasses and eyewear


  • Wholesale only: Blue Gem Wholesale Suppliers is a wholesale only supplier, which can be limiting for smaller startups and solopreneurs on a shoestring budget


There you have it: 

A list of 13 dropshipping sunglasses wholesalers, suppliers, platforms, and private label manufacturers and wholesalers.

As you can imagine, this list is not exhaustive, and you can find tons of other dropshipping sunglasses suppliers online.


Here’s a pro tip you can use to set up a successful dropshipping-friendly sunglasses business or brand:

Use platforms like AliExpress, DHgate, and 1688 to find sunglasses suppliers, then work with a professional Dropshipping Sourcing and Fulfillment Agent like BestFulfill

A professional dropshipping sourcing and fulfillment agent like Bestfulfill can help inspect the product, warehouse the product, manage inventory, fulfill and drop ship orders to your customers, handle customer support, and even negotiate private label deals with Chinese Manufacturers.

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