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Hi, everyone, this is William , CEO of BESTFULFILL, our company mainly provides A-Zdropshipping service for worldwide online E-commerce sellers (mostly shopify sellers). from sourcing, packing to shipping, We can offer customized package with reasonable price and use fast shipping ways to get your orders delivered quickly,

“Dropshipping” this word firstly showed up in front of my eyes when I was managing an Aliexpress pocket watch store back to year 2014, where most of people pmed me asking whether our stores support dropshipping, I said no directly without hesitation, because at that time I know nothing about dropshipping and this word seems to be a junk word like someone else is trying to promote his service like “CLICK FARMING”. Dropshipping draw my attention when more than 10 people asked me the same thing, and finally I decided to google this word and it surprised me a lot how smart and easy it is to run a 6-7 figure store with this simple business mode, and this time, without any hesitation, I decide to work hard on it.

Since after, I met a lot of people and they became to be very important people in my life, Coaches who not only run their only store, but also help other students achive their success, 18-years old boy who make 6 figures while studying in college, I see there is no limit on this business unless you don’t move forward yourself.

However. Besides running facebookads to bring traffic to website and have conversions, Fulfilling orders properly and effectively became a challenging point for most online shop sellers. They placed orders on aliexpress while these suppliers knew nothing about dropshipping (like I was) ,their orders had huge delays because the supplier didn’t prepare enough stock for them and bad communication with suppliers finally ruined all their efforts and wasted all the ads cost and profit they had made. How Pathetic it is!!!

After doing all kinds of research, I feel I can do much better and more be professional than most of these suppliers on aliexpress. These suppliers there, most of them doesn’t even have basic English skills to understand what customers are saying, not to mention have fluent English ability to satisify what customers really needs, basically, they just use google translate, copy and paste, LOL. Robert Nava is a great person in my life, without him, I couldn’t be what I am today, I worked for him around one year with a small team in china after I quit my aliexpress job, we did a lot of interesting things with very unique products. Sometimes I still dreamed of the days I work as a embroiderer using a machine cost $5k to make backpack handles with embroidery of people’s name on it while the threads of that machine always broke randomly a few times hourly, then I started to speak out the F* words loudly, of course, the noise of machine covered my voice, LOL. Time passed quickly, because of cash flow reasons, we have to go different way.

I started to run my own warehouse with those 4 people team including me. One customer service girl, one worker to pack orders, one sales guy to manage clients, good customer experience is always the key I keep in mind, Not like other agents, we keep customers’ winning products confidential and do all things to protect customers’ secrets.


As time went by, good customer feedbacks spread so fast, E-commerce world is big and small, it’s big because it has no limit, it’s small because it’s all these people and those people you see very often on these social facebook groups like kinpining, we talk with each other like good friends that seem have met with each other before face to face. Yeah, it’s true finally met a lot of good friends like AN, Viet, Khang. Orders amount grow so quickly so we choose to hire more professional employees, and rent bigger warehouse, until today we have a team of over 70 people and 2k square meters with 5-10k daily order amount.

Growing our business with customers while helping customers grow at mean time requires high standard on our work and it’s all because of these strict rules we always keep in mind we get more and more regular customers and they keep referring new clients or friends to us, we have been growing bigger and bigger with this simple method of friends introduction, we work hard and being strict on ourselves, hoping to keep high customer satisfaction rate, sometimes making money doesn’t make me feel my life meaningful, the feeling of being wanted by customers truly keeps me moving forward without hesitation.

We are still growing and we hope this journey will have your participation. If you need our service or have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact with us


Our mission

Our mission is to make order fulfillment much easier so we can save customer’s time and energy, at same time using less money to reach the best customer satisfaction rate, online shopping has huge potential to grow rapidly in a few months. As we all know, ads cost is becoming higher and higher, so it will be a big pity if we don’t make these customers happy and let them buy again and again from our stores, all these makes happy customer experience so important, a professional dropshipping agent team in china like us will make this come true.

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