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You have any questions about order fulfill, please contact our customer service. We provide you with professional after-sales service.

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We will solve the order fulfill issues for you

Our customer service is good at communicating in English, and you can contact them at any time for order fulfill questions.

  1. Customer Support within 12 hours
  2. 1 v 1 Support
  3. English communication

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Order Track

Your order has not been updated for a long time, We will check for you

Order Refund

If your order is lost in transit, we will refund you

Order Resend

If Your order was sent to the wrong address or lost, We will resend the order

Order Cancel

If your order is cancelled by the customer, we will stop fulfilling the order.

Packaging customization

If you have customized requirements for your products, we will communicate the details with you.

Other Issues

If you have other questions you need to know, you can also contact us.

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