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Our 1688 sourcing agent service can help you source the product and buy stock from 1688, Make your drop shipping business simple and fast.

Why You need Bestfulfill as Your 1688 Agent?

Bestfulfill have over 6 years 1688 sourcing experience, can provide you most reliable service on 1688 sourcing. We have different special lines can ship to over 100+ countries all over the world.

Efficient Communication

Our 1688 sourcing agent service can help you source the product and buy stock from 1688, Make your drop shipping business simple and fast.

Purchasing Experience

Over 6 years purchasing experience on 1688, working with 1000+ customers, our purchasing team can provide you most reliable and safe service.

Quality Check

Our professional QC team will check products from 1688 one by one, can ensure the items are in perfect condition.

Automated System

Our professional ERP system can handle your orders and upload tracking numbers to your store automatically.

Quick Process

When the products from 1688 be arrived our warehouse, Our Team will process your orders within 24hours.

Worldwide Fulfillment

We can ship products from 1688 to 100+ countries and areas. We have many special lines that you can choose.

Which Platforms Do We Source From


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What is Our Process of 1688 sourcing service?

We will do sourcing from 1688, find the best manufacturer on 1688 and give you best price.


Free Inquiry

Tell us your product link or images, We will find products and suppliers on 1688 and give you a quote.


Source and Storage

According to your purchasing requirements, we will purchase the products and store them in our warehouse.


Fulfillment and Track

We will ship the product to you or fulfill the order, and send you trackable logistics numbers.

Our 1688 Agent Fee

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Warehouse Storage
Handing Sourcing and shipping
Product customization
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1688(taobao) is the biggest and most various online shopping website in China. You can find all kinds of products like electronic products, clothes, women make up tools, Jewelry&watches, Home Furnishing, Pet using, Baby using, outdoor products etc. We can buy almost whatever product we want from direct factories. But the only problem is most vendors from 1688 don’t speak English. That’s why dropshippers need an 1688 sourcing agent to offer sourcing service, and Bestfulfill can be your best choice on it! If you need buy stock from 1688, we can offer you 1688 sourcing service. All you need to do is provide us the product information, such as product link, picture, name etc. We will search best manufacturer and best quality product, negotiate for the best price and stock for you.

You can send inquiry through our website, email, skype, messenger, whatsapp. We will reply you within 12 hours.

In order to make our communication more efficient, please attach the product link, and give us the countries you are selling to, how many orders you get per day and what platform you are using. It will be great helpful.


US, UK, CA, AU and most EU countries, totally 100+ countries all over the world.

Bank wire, paypal, Payoneer, etc.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I spoke to one of the advisors Jacob zhao and he was extremely helpful and understanding. He knew what I was looking for and resolved my issue. Though i was panicking and was very upset with the bulk order issues but he made sure that I get the right information. I will give 5/5 to him. Well done buddy😊

I just love the great customer service, Bestfulfill's is the real thing for Dropshippers!

I'm having a great experience with Bestfulfill. They have great customer service.

This is a very great site to work with!

Super customer service, fast delivery, so far everything is great. Simple and simple to use. Thank you

Very polite, quick to respond, and patient.great job .

The prices have skyrocketed in recent times, I do not recommend this agent any more, he must be changed. The only positive point is that they refund the orders that arrived broken

Prices have doubled in recent weeks, he is a very expensive agent. The delivery times are correct, but there are many problems with the packages. Be careful with this agent before working with him.

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