Dropshipping Product Inspection Service

As we all know , product quality is the most important part for order fulfillment process. So product quality inspection is necessary for reducing customer complaints, returns, negative reviews and a series of issues that will affect brand building and sales. Bestfulfill has been upholding high standards in this part and strive to do the best in every detail.

Which Products will We Inspect?

In order to provide customers with a better consumer experience, Bestfulfill inspect almost every kind of products as clothes, toys, kitchen supplies, daily necessities, pet supplies and so on. Regardless of the size difference or product value level, all of them will be strictly inspected.

Clothes Accessories Adult Toys Apparel Art Supplies Auto Parts
Baby Clothes
Home Decor
Medical Supplies
Halloween Costumes
Lingerie, Leggings
Kitchen Supplies
Socks, Sunglasses
Office Supplies
Pet Supplies
Shoes Sneakers
Cosmetics, Hair Products
Wigs, Bracelets, Makeup

General Checklist of Product Inspection

When the products arrived in the warehouse, it turns to the most careful product quality inspection after checking each SKU quantity of each product. Bestfulfill have a general checklist to inspect all products.

Checklist Detail

Quality Inspection Process

We will check your product one by one

Product quality inspection cost: Free


Defective products will be returned to factory, we will repurchase products with qualified quality at the same time.

Yes, the handing cost will be $0.5/per order.

Under long-term transportation, there may still be quality problems for individual products. Don’t worry about this situation, we will be responsible for it and make free resending.

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