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How to Start a Wish Dropshipping Business in 2021?


For your dropshipping business to succeed, you need a reliable supplier that offers the right products at the right price points. If you only get your suppliers from sites like AliExpress, you really need to try sourcing through Wish.  This is a renowned American eCommerce platform that connects manufacturers and suppliers to buyers across the globe.  

Currently, the platform has more than 550,000 registered merchants—including brand owners, manufacturers, creators, and crafters. This means that you get to buy your products directly from the manufacturer, without having to go through a middleman. 

Another aspect that makes Wish an appealing option for Shopify drop shippers is the affordability of products. With Wish suppliers, you can get access to a variety of high-quality products and still get60 to 90% off your purchases. 

Throughout this guide, you will learn why you should find dropshipping suppliers on Wish and how you should go about it. 

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How to Start Your Wish Dropshipping

Starting a dropshipping store on the Wish e-commerce platform is comparatively easy. Here is how you should go about it:

1. Select an Appropriate Product Niche for Your Dropshipping Business

Go for a more profitable product niche rather than one that is just trendy. For your Wish drop shipping business to succeed and grow you need to choose your products wisely. The platform allows its merchants to list products on different categories, including:

· Baby & Kids

· Fashion

· Gadgets

· Accessories

· Watches

· Tops

· Wallets & Bags

· Makeup & Beauty

As a beginner on the platform, it is advisable to offer products that stand out. The niche you choose will help you build an audience for your business as well as influence your content and marketing efforts.

This is why you need to put a considerable amount of thought and research into finding the perfect dropshipping niche. In addition to being profitable, you need a product(s) that is cheap, easy to ship, and comes in multiple variations.

So, how do you find such a niche for your dropshipping business on Wish?

a. Research on Product Demand  

However amazing a business idea sounds, it is of no use to your business if it is not in demand. As the saying goes, you will have an easier time filling a demand that already exists than creating it. Different online tools may be used to ascertain the demand and market for a product.

These are the top free tools to should consider using to analyze the demand, market, and even competition for any niche:

Ø Google Keyword Planner

However amazing a business idea sounds, it is of no use to your business if it is not in demand. As the saying goes, you will have an easier time filling a demand that already exists than creating it. Different online tools may be used to ascertain the demand and market for a product.

These are the top free tools to should consider using to analyze the demand, market, and even competition for any niche:

Ø Google Keyword Planner

With Google, you can measure the demand for a product by just checking how many people are looking for it on the search engine. Google avails such keyword search volume data publicly through the Keyword Planner tool.

You only need to enter a phrase or word into the tool and it will let you know how many people search for the word/phrase in a month. The internet is full of training modules that you can use to learn how to use the Keyword Planner more efficiently.

These are some of the Keyword planner metrics you will find essential during your research:

· Search Location – note the difference between global search volumes and local search volumes (within a user-defined region or country). If you will be selling in the US alone, you should only focus on the local search volumes.

· Match Type – Unless you have a good reason not to, you should always use the exact-match option on the tool.

· Long-tail variations – Do not focus on the one- or two-word phrases that register massive search volume. If a keyword has multiple variations that are actively searched for, it means that its market is deep (with more variety and interest).

Ø Google Trends

The Google Keyword Planner tool discussed above is only good for raw search figures. If you need more detailed insights regarding your niche research, you will need a tool like Google Trends. This tool will give you the information you cannot find using the Keyword Planner, including:

· Top & Rising Terms – a snapshot of related search words and phrases that are more popular or have been growing in popularity.

· Search Interests Over Time – Helps you understand whether the niche you are considering is growing or not. Trends will show you the decline and growth in search volume over time.

· Seasonality – helps you ascertain whether the demand for a product varies from one season to another.

· Geographical Concentration – this feature allows you to see from where people are searching for the keyword.

Ideally, you need to spend time trying to figure out the intricacies of the search volume for your preferred dropshipping niche(s). With these tools, you will learn what is treading as well as search volumes, high-level search trends, seasonality, and geographic concentration of different niches.

b. Assess Your Competitors

The tools and methods you use to research the market should give you the information you need to study potential competition. For the best results, choose a market niche and drop shipping product(s) that is not dominated by well-established retailers.

To check whether your preferred niche is viable, compare retailers who are already selling the product(s). In this regard, you should analyze your potential competition in terms of:

· Price

· Product availability

· Product quality

· Customer Support

· Shipping speed

To carry out a successful competitor analysis, you need to remain objective and conduct thorough research. Seek to learn who your potential Wish competitors are, which products are considered to be best-sellers in their stores, and how much is their revenue.

While at it, you should also try to learn how the competitors price their products as well as their main sources of traffic. The leading competitor analysis tools can help you research your competitors more effectively. Such tools include:


This online tool can help you scope out vital information about your competitor’s keywords. With Semrush, your can easily find out what keywords your Wish competitions are targeting and/or ranking for.

Google Trends 
Google Trends 

This is one of the most valuable market research tools for an inexperienced entrepreneur. Trends can help you check where and when your competitors were mentioned on the internet in real-time.

2. Find the Best Dropshipping Supplier on Wish

Step 1: Register a Wish Account.

Wish Dropshipping

On your browser, navigate to the Wish Sign Up page and fill in the required information. On the subsequent page, you will be required to enter accurate contact information for your business. Finally, you will be required to verify the email address you provided while signing up.

You may add a payment method at this point or later on when buying products on the platform.

Step 2: Search Your Niche Product by Keyword

Wish Dropshipping

Just as is the case with other e-commerce platforms, you can find the product(s) you need on Wish by searching for them. In this regard, you need to enter ye appropriate keyword for your product(s) niche on the search bar on the Wish website. 

Once you have entered the right keyword, press the Enter key on your keyboard or click on the search icon to run the search. Your search will display multiple products—each of which is likely to be offered by a different supplier. 

You should now scroll down the displayed items to find the best suited products and supplier(s) for your dropshipping business. At this point, it is as usable to choose multiple suppliers for comparison. 

While choosing a drop shipping supplier on Whish, here are some of the things you should bear on mind:

⬤ Supplier Reputation 

Choose a supplier that is reputable as the reputation and success of your business depend on it. In this case, it is advisable to go for the suppliers that have recorded more sales and are rated highly by their previous customers. Again, you need to consider how long the supplier has been in business—the longer the period, the better. 

⬤ Product Pricing 

In order to remain competitive in your niche, you need to get a supplier that offers fair product pricing. You must have noticed that different merchants on Wish offer different price points for the same product. To get the best deal, you should compare several suppliers.

Rather than going for the cheapest products, try to get a supplier that offers the best pricing without compromising on product quality.

⬤ Check the Authenticity of Products 

Does the supplier always deliver what they promised—products that meet the advertised product description? The goal here is to source high-quality products consistently for your customers. With Wish, you won’t have to order samples to ascertain this. Wish Merchants are continually reviewed by their customers based on product quality and the level of service offered. 

To guarantee their customers that transparency they deserve, Wish has policies in place to prevent Merchants from tampering with such reviews. This means that the reviews you see for different merchants are real accounts by real buyers on the platform. 

Understanding Wish merchant feedback scores will help you understand what to expect from each merchant. In addition to higher customer ratings, check whether the supplier’s products have a quality assurance label and are backed by a warranty. 

⬤ Check the Authenticity of Products  Communicate with the Seller Before Buying

Having narrowed your list of suppliers down to just a few, you should contact them to verify the dinner details. During this initial communication, you should enquire about specific product details that matter. 

For instance, you could ask about certain product specifications, quality assurance, MOQs, shipping options, and periods. You should also seek to understand how the supplier handles delivery issues that may arise. 

Lastly, ask for product samples from potential suppliers to assess their quality against pricing. 

Negotiate the Pricing for Bulk Orders 

As part of the initial communication with your supplier, you should also seek to get a better deal. Many suppliers are known to offer a better per-item price and discounts for larger orders. If you will be ordering products in bulk, try to negotiate for a better deal. 

Understand Additional Tariffs and Taxes that You May Incur 

Shipping costs, taxes, and import duties vary from one country to another. Check to see how these affect your purchase before buying products from a Wish dropshipping supplier.

Step 3:  Choose a Reliable Dropshipping Supplier On Wish  

As a drop shipper on Wish, your success will partly depend on how your customers are satisfied with your products and the level of service they get. This often has to do with product quality, customer support, and delivery times.

You need a drop shipping supplier you can rely upon to deliver the promised quality within the agreed time frame. Before making the final choice, here are some concerns you may need to address:

How Do They Handle Returns or Damaged Products?

When a customer returns a product that you sold through your Wish store, it needs to go back to the supplier. To avoid complications and keep your customers satisfied, you should check your supplier’s return policies before committing.

You may want your customers to ship returned products through you first. This way, you can check whether the product(s) is in fact defective before returning the product to your supplier. Some dropshipping suppliers will not allow you to do this.

Some will not even allow you to get involved in the return process at all. Since it is your business reputation in question, check whether their return policies are in line with your business model before choosing a supplier.

How Long Does it Take Them to Fulfil an Order—From Sale to Delivery?

It will be difficult for your Wish dropshipping business to make and retain a good impression if your products are not delivered on time. In local markets, customers often expect their orders to be delivered within 24 hours.

Well, this may not always be possible, but it helps to choose a supplier with a track record for delivering products on time. As a guide, go for suppliers that deliver within the same time frame as or even faster than your competitors.

How is Their Customer Support?

Regardless of the category, most dropshipping businesses on Wish thrive on efficiency. You need to track the inventory, convey orders, discuss possible delays, process returns, and handle disputes more efficiently.

To achieve this in your business, there needs to be efficient communication between you and your supplier. In this regard, it is advisable to choose a supplier that has experienced and well-equipped sales representatives. Such professionals are usually the first point of contact between you and the supplier.

As such, they need to be knowledgeable in the product(s) they are offering and be able to respond to any concerns you may have within the shortest time possible. Choose a dropshipping supplier that has experienced staff and sales representatives.

Can You Find Reviews by Previous Customers or  References Online?

If it is a reputable provider, they will publicly display reviews by the customers they have served in the past. You could also view supplier reviews on several other platforms on the internet. This will give you some insight into what you should expect when dealing with that particular supplier.

Just to be safe, work with dropshipping suppliers with a good review. If the reputation of a supplier is good, at least 90% of the reviews left by their customers should be positive feedback.

3. Build Your Online Store 

Shopify—one of the best e-commerce platforms today—makes it easy for drop shippers to build and customise their online stores. You can use your Shopify store as a front to sell on the Web, online marketplaces, social media, pop-up shops, and even in brick-and-mortar locations.

Shopify-Build Your Online Store

As a beginner on Shopify, the easiest way to build an online store would be to use their intuitive Online Store Builder. First, you need to Sign up with Shopify, simply navigate to the signup page. Having signed up, you can now use the Online Store Builder to create a Shopify store.

The Store builder will essentially take you through the following steps: 

  • Adding the Products you wish to drop ship 
  • Creating the important business pages 
  • Picking the appropriate theme and store customization 
  • Customising the Shipping Settings for your online store 
  • Configuring relevant Tax Settings 
  • Setting up a payment gateway for the business 
  • Launching Your Online Store 

While at it, here are some of the important thing you should pay attention to: 

a) Comprehensive eCommerce Functionality 

On a normal day, you will need to showcase your products, communicate with your customers, ship items, get paid, and manage operations. It would be inefficient for you to use different tools to manage each of the processes separately. 

The Shopify eCommerce platform offers your online business a comprehensive set of tools to manage all processes from a single point. It groups multiple technologies together and even forms a basis upon which other processes, applications, and technologies are developed. 

Take advantage of their 14-day free trial period to explore the diverse range of tools on offer for online store owners. 

b) A Good Domain Name

Initially, your new Shopify store will have a “” URL. You can change this by adding a domain name to your online store. This will help establish the brand as well as foster trust among your customers. 

With Shopify, there are three ways you can add a domain to your online store:

  • Buy a Domain through Shopify 
  • Transfer Your Domain from a Third-Party Provider to Shopify
  • Connect Your Existing Domain to Shopify 

c) Theme Templates 

Shopify offers numerous free as well as premium eCommerce theme templates for free. Choose a theme that best complements your business to help build a lasting corporate image for the brand. Browse through more than 100 theme templets on the Shopify Theme Store.

d) Product Pricing 

When adding products on your online business, you will be required to create a price list for them. Setting the right prices for your products is critical to the success of the business. Setting the prices too low can attract a steady stream of sales while making little or no profit at all.

On the other hand, high prices will result in less sales as it will “price out” the budget-conscious buyers. This can cause you to lose the much needed market positioning. Ultimately, you need to do your homework and apply the right pricing strategies to come up with the ideal prices.

4. Generate More Traffic to Your shopify Store

Just like a conventional retail store, you need to draw potential customers (traffic) to your ecommerce store. Different methods and strategies may be used to draw organic traffic from different places.

Here are some of the most effective methods you can use to draw more traffic to your Wish store:

A. Facebook Ads

B. Google Ads

C. Email Marketing

D. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

5. Fulfill Orders Through Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

With Shopify, you can choose to have your orders automatically fulfilled. However, you just have to manually export your Shopify orders or fulfill them manually if you are using a Wish supplier. In this regard  here are the steps you should follow to fulfil your Shopify orders using a Wish supplier: 

Step 1: Login and Open Unfulfilled Orders 

Log into your Shopify store then navigate to Orders, from your admin screen. Next, click on the display number for the unfulfilled order you wish to process. 

Note: if you happen to be using several locations, it is possible to change the location from which you are fulfilling your Shopify orders. To do this, click on the location name as displayed on that particular fulfilment card. 

You should then choose the “Change Location” option, select the location you would like to use for that particular order, then click the “Save” button. 

Step 2:  Fill the Fulfillment Page Accordingly 

On the order fulfillment page, you need to enter the correct number of products you would like to fulfill for each product line. You can accomplish this from the “Items” section of the page. 

Step 3: Contact Your Wish Supplier 

Since you already found the best supplier(s) for your products on Wish (in the above-discussed steps), you should now contact them to place an order. Simply login to your Wish account and navigate to your preferred supplier’s page. 

Now click on the product you wish to order and select the appropriate attributes, such as color and size. Once done, click on the “Buy” button to add the product to your cart. Repeat these steps for each item you wish to purchase from your Wish supplier. 

Having selected all the items ordered by your Shopify customers, navigate to your cart on Wish. 

Step 4: Verify Details and Make Pay Your Supplier 

Click on “Edit” under Shipping field on your Wish account to review and verify the details you provided.

At this point, you need to verify the shipping address (where you customer wishes to have the items delivered) you provided as well as your preferred payment method. Verify that you have selected all the ordered items on your Wish cart. 

Finally, click on the “Checkout” button under your “Order Summary” page. Your Wish supplier will get the order details and start shipping the products to your Shopify customer(s). The supplier will also give you the tracking number to help you monitor the progress. 

Step 5: Enter Order Tracking Details on Shopify 

Having placed an order with your Wish supplier, you should now go back to your Shopify store and continue from where you left (step 2). Under the “Tracking Information” section on your Shift store, fill in the tracking number(s) as provided by your Wish supplier. 

By so doing, the tracking URL will be displayed on the customer’s Shipping confirmation . It will also appear on their Shipping update emails.


Q:  What Payment Methods are Compatible with Wish?

Wish supports numerous payment options, which vary from one country and region to another. Some of the accepted payment methods on this platform include:

· Google Pay

· PayPal

· Visa and MasterCard debit cards

· Apple Pay

· Klarna

· Major credit cards like American Express, Visa, Maestro, Cirrus, and MasterCard

· Pix

· Ebanx (Credit Card, Boleto, Oxxo)

· Afterpay

· iDeal

It is worth nothing that Wish does not accept bank transfers, cash, and payment on delivery as payment options.

Q:  Does Wish Charge Additional fees for Customs, Taxes, and VAT?

Normally, Wish only collects the payment for the item cost and shipping from your customers. The customer’s payment method will only be charged the order total displayed on their shopping cart at the checkout.

However, Wish may charge other fees, such as VAT, customs, and taxes depending on regulations by the local government in a country or region. In such cases, the fees amount is regulated by the regulations—such fees and their governing policies are in no way affiliated to or regulated by Wish.

That said, the platform adjusts its tax policy procedures in accordance with the prevailing regulations in each locate. For further clarification, check out the Tax Policy on Wish.

Q: Which Countries Does Wish Support to Ship From?

Well, a considerable amount of the products sold via Wish are sourced from China. However, merchants on the platform can actually ship globally—from and to almost anywhere on the globe. Shipping availability on Wish mainly depends on store preferences and the customer’s location.

However, shoppers on the platform can only view products that ship to their respective countries. That is to day that your products will not appear on a customer’s feed, if you are unable to ship products to their location.

As a Wish merchant, you are required to comply with the applicable laws and regulations for each shipment. These include the laws that have been established by the border control and customs agencies in the countries you are shipping from as well as those you are shipping to.

Wish offers a number of tools that merchants can use to comply with shipping and customs regulations in different countries and regions. For further clarification, check out Wish’s guideline on Shipping Countries and regions.

Q: What’s Wish’s Refund & Return Policy?

Wish uses a customer-focused returns policy in line with their commitment to satisfy the buyers on every purchase. According to this policy, your customers can request a refund in 30 days after receiving the item, if:

· They are not 100% satisfied with the products you sent them

· The products arrive damaged or defective in some way

· You fail to deliver the ordered items in five days, as stipulated by their merchant’s policy 5.1

Additionally, all packages shipped out are backed by Wish’s Money Back Guarantee. If the customer does not receive their ordered items by the maximum delivery date given by Wish, they can request a refund within 30 days.

Q: Does Wish Sell Branded Goods?

Yes, an increasing number of merchants on the platform sell branded products. As mentioned earlier in this guide, one of the sourcing options available to you as a Wish merchant is buying from a private-label manufacturer.

This means that you can have a different company manufacture your products or buy ready products by a private-label manufacturer and sell them on Wish under your brand name. To prevent merchants from passing private label products as branded products, Wish uses the following logo to distinguish branded products:


Yes, you can build a lucrative dropshipping business on the Wish eCommerce platform. Wish is arguably the leading online marketplace in the world—offering an intuitive mobile application for both Android and iOS devices. As mentioned earlier in this guide, the platform receives an excess of 250,000 active shoppers and handles about 1.5 million orders a day.

One of the most appealing things about Wish is its innovative AI-powered products recommendation system. This will be beneficial for you as a new drop shipper on the platform as your products will be automatically recommended to prospective buyers.  

Again, setting up a drop shipping store on the platform is free—Wish will only charge you a small fee when you make a sale. To get started, you first need to get acquainted with important Wish posting policies. Using the tools recommended earlier in this guide, you should conduct a thorough market research to find a lucrative products niche.

You can the proceed to open a free merchant account and set up your dropshipping store on Wish. Next, you need to find a reputable supplier then worry about drawing more traffic (prospective customers) to your Wish store. Finally, you can process and fulfill orders placed by your customers on Wish.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned drop shipper, this guide has all the steps and tricks you need to start Wish dropshipping business in 2021. 

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