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Can You Dropship on Mercari?: All the Tips and Answers You Have Been Looking For


Technically, no. You can not dropship on Mercari because it prohibits sellers from selling products that are not in their possession. 

However, this does not mean that it is impossible. You can get your dropshipping business up and running as long as you understand how Mercari works and how to avoid raising any red flags. 

Sounds like a tough balancing act, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. More so after you read this blog and discover all the tips on how to ace dropshipping on Mercari. 

Come along, will you?

What is Mercari?

Mercari is an online marketplace that seeks to connect buyers and sellers. Unlike similar platforms that are all about selling trendy products, Mercari focuses more on people that would like to declutter their spaces by selling off stuff that they no longer need. 

This unique marketplace was first launched in 2013 in Japan. Its success there encouraged its founders to also launch Mercari in the US and the UK. Mercari UK was, however, closed in January 2019. 

Mercari Dropshipping Policy

Mercari does not allow any form of dropshipping. It lists dropshipping practices, like shipping goods directly from a manufacturer, as ‘prohibited conduct’ in its marketplace guidelines. 

Sellers on Mercari that violate these guidelines can be:

  • Fully or partially suspended from accessing Mercari services.
  • Permanently banned from ever using any Mercari services.
  • Barred from accessing the funds on their Mercari seller accounts. 

Mercari Requirements

Mercari requires all sellers to meet the following requirements. You should: 

Note that Mercari only allows local shipping. Consequently, if you live in Japan, you can only sell within Japan. You can not sell to buyers in the US even if both countries have Mercari platforms. 

Is Mercari Good for Dropshipping?


Admittedly, the fact that Mercari does not permit dropshipping is an inconvenience. However, if you look beyond that, it is clear that Mercari offers enough benefits to make its red tape forgivable. 

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Easy Shipping

Mercari offers 3 well-defined shipping options. There are no complex billing systems or hidden charges. 

Better still, one of the shipping options allows you to handle the shipping of your orders instead of shipping through Mercari. It, subsequently, makes it possible for you to dropship undetected.

  • Defined, Affordable Fees

Mercari charges sellers the following fees: 

The upside to these fees is that they are predetermined and do not vary based on different items. This enables you to set your prices more appropriately. Overall, Mercari fees are also competitively affordable.

  • User-friendliness

The Mercari user interface is very easy to use and intuitive. For example, when listing products or processing orders, you only have to enter the required details in their respective fields. Some of the forms are even designed to offer suggestions when choosing product categories and a few other details. 

How to Sell on Mercari by Dropshipping

Step1 : Go in Prepared

As we have discussed above, dropshipping on Mercari requires some tact. So, before you get to registering, listing, and selling, take time to prepare.

Preparation entails: 

  • Choosing a niche/what to sellresearch products to sell and evaluate whether they would do well on Mercari. The ‘See what’s selling’ section on Mercari could give you some insight into what items buyers are interested in.
  • Identify a dropship supplier – Mercari only allows local shipping. So, ensure that you can find a local dropship supplier or one with a distribution warehouse in your region. 
  • Find images – Mercari does not allow the use of stock images. Your listings could also get flagged for using images with supplier branding or watermarks. You, therefore, need to find unmarked images that attractively showcase the products you will be selling. 

Now that you have all your ducks in a row, let’s talk about how to start selling. 

Step 2: Register an Account

Access the Mercari website and click on ‘Log in’. You will be redirected to the signup page where you can create an account. 

After the initial registration process, make an effort to verify your account. Doing so may lessen the chances of your account getting flagged easily or banned altogether. You can verify your account in a few short steps: 

  • Access your Mercari account
  • Click on your user profile
  • Click on ‘view profile’
  • Provide the requested details 

Step 3: Start the Listing Process

Access the Mercari homepage, click on your profile, and select, ‘List an Item’. This will redirect you to a form where you can fill in details about your product to create the listing.

Step 4: Provide Product Details

Mercari will require you to:

  • Provide a product title
  • Provide a product description
  • Select a product category
  • Indicate the brand, color, and condition of the product

Remember to use keywords as you create product descriptions. It will increase the chances of your listings coming up when shoppers search for products identical or related to yours. 

Finally, you will need to upload a photo of the product to show buyers what you have to offer. If possible, upload multiple images that showcase different angles or applications of the product to satisfy buyers’ curiosity. 

Step 5: Enter Shipping Details

In the shipping section, Mercari requires you to provide an address for where the product you have listed will ship from. Ensure that the address you provide matches your location and matches the address you used to verify your account. Using varying addresses may attract undue scrutiny. 

Further, ensure that you choose to:

  • Pay for shipping 
  • Ship on your own 

The above options exclude Mercari from all your shipping processes. As such, your dropship supplier can ship orders directly to your buyers without causing you any trouble.

Step 6: Set Your Price

Mercari attracts lots of shoppers looking to buy new or used products at bargain prices. So, set fair prices that allow you to make an adequate margin while offering buyers value for money. 

Tips and Tricks for Dropshipping on Mercari

How Can I Circumvent the Ban on Stock Photos by Mercari?

It would be best to avoid stock images altogether because they are often common and can easily be spotted if Mercari attempts to evaluate your listings. 


  • Obtain product samples

Consider ordering product samples and using them to take unique photos for your listings. This will give you a chance to check out the quality of products your supplier offers and you can always sell the samples and recoup your money. 

  • Ask your supplier for images

Lots of dropship suppliers have CSV files that compile images of their products and other product details. 

  • Use images from alternative platforms

If the images on your supplier’s website are unsuitable, browse through other forums such as their Facebook pages to see if you can find better images there. 

How Can I Bypass the 5-digit code ‘ships from’?

The easiest approach would be to choose a dropship supplier with a fulfillment center in your region. This way, even if you provide your address, the tracking number that your supplier provides will show that the shipment was sent out from the same region.

How can I Circumvent Mercari’s Anti-dropshipping Software?

The software scans for a variety of factors. Here are some ways to stay out of its radar.

  • Avoid copy-pasting product descriptions

Copy-pasting a product description from your supplier means that you and other sellers may end up having similar descriptions. Such replication is a tell-tale sign that you may not be selling your own goods. It would be better to edit such descriptions or paraphrase them in your own words to even make them more interesting. 

  • Ensure that your dropship supplier ships on time

Mercari requires sellers to ship goods within 3 days and promptly inform customers if there are any delays. 

If not, a buyer can cancel their order, claim a refund, and give you a low rating. Such occurrences draw high scrutiny to your account and it is, therefore, very important to avoid them by choosing an effective dropship supplier.

  • Avoid returns

If a buyer initiates a return, it would be safer to simply comply. Apologize, ask them to keep the item, and issue a refund. Allowing them to mail the product back may raise red flags because the return address may not match the one you provided on Mercari. 

In Conclusion

Few platforms are as user-friendly and cost-effective as Mercari. So, while dropshipping on it may not be easy, it is achievable and worth it. Just ensure that your dropshipping supplier understands the conditions of dropshipping on Mercari and has what it takes to abide by them.

Or, you could skip all the trouble of finding a dropshipping partner and work with us. We offer professional product photography to ensure you have all the images you need and outstanding 3PL fulfillment services through our USA warehouse.

Contact us for a quick quote and we will work with you to get you dropshipping in no time.

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