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10 Drop Shipping Product Research Tools That Will Improve How You Do Product Research


Dropshipping success comes from finding the most profitable products to sell to consumers. The most successful dropshippers use product research tools to determine which products to sell. 

What is a Product Research Tool?

A product research tool is an automated system that helps you research highly sourced products while also providing time frames for when the products are relevant in specific markets. 


If you’re at the beginning stages of starting your dropshipping business, Bestfulfill has a very useful resource on the A-Z of setting up a Wish Dropshipping Store.

The Importance of a Product Research Tool

As the E-commerce industry gets bigger, the competition levels intensify too. This means sellers who want to stay relevant and maximize their profits have to sell the most sort-after products. Searching for each product can be time-consuming.

That is where multi-purpose product and market research tools come in handy to help pick multiple worthwhile products quickly. 

An effective product research tool can also help scan through different markets at once, helping you identify markets where your products would thrive.

Below is a simplified table of the multi-purpose product and market research tools we shall discuss in this blog, including their core features and price:

AliExpress Dropshipping CenterProvides product analysis for up to 14 days
Categorizes product search
Sell The TrendAll in one product research tool
Offers a training course
Free option 
$39.97 monthly fee
Niche ScrapperOffers video ad generator
Offers hand-picked products
7-day free trial
Premium version of $99.99 annually
EcomhuntCompatible with most online stores
Offers an analysis of products, including profit margins
Free version
Premium $29/ month
AlisharkProduct history over the last 2-6 months
Shows live stats
A 2-day trial at $1
PexdaAdds profitable products on a daily.
Amazon, AliExpress, and Facebook Ad reports
$1.95 14 day trial
Sale SourceChrome extension, allowing for quick product analysis and research.
Full product sale info, including profits
7-day free trial
$49/ month
Dropship SpyHas an engagement calculator
Offers product analytics
$20/ month
Muzz TrendsOffers premium customer support to members
Shows trending products.
Free membership
Grow membership $19/ month 
Conquer membership $59/month.
IntelligynceOffers a wide variety of products and products research tools
Details of social fans and likes.
$39/ month fee
$79/ annual fee
$99/ lifetime fee


Learn how to identify the best AliExpress Dropshipping tools for your eCommerce store.

1: AliExpress Dropshipping Center

The research tool offered by AliExpress is specific to AliExpress and is a 2-in-1 tool offered at zero cost.


  • Finding AliExpress products to sell: The tool provides various ways to identify winning products, including searching through images, hot selling products, and sponsored products.

  • Analyzing AliExpress products: This tool gives you a clearer image of how a product has performed over the past 14 days. The tool provides exact daily volumes. 


  • 100% free, making it a great product research tool for an AliExpress driven dropshipping business
  • Trusted and authentic data from real AliExpress sales, updated daily
  • Real-time analysis with daily sales
  • Provides data of the most dependable AliExpress distributors. 


  • It is limited to only 14 days of analysis
  • It is limited to only AliExpress
  • Offers no premium upgrades

2: Sell The Trend

The tool is available as a free and premium version, where one pays $39.97/month. Sell The Trend has a 7-day free trial and can support AliExpress, Shopify, and Amazon.


  • The Nexus: This is the main tool that provides a variety of information at a glance, including:
  • Stores selling the product
  • Product cost detailing profit margins 
  • Total orders for the month.
  • Timeline of when it was added to a Shopify store

  • Video Ad Creator: This helps create Facebook Ads using AliExpress images, making the ads able to reach a bigger audience pool. This works by inputting the product URL, which imports the product images.

  • Explorers: You can use the provided filters to narrow your search to your desired products.
  • Training: The tool offers video tutorials and how-tos that help you familiarize yourself with how the tools work.
  • Store Intelligence: This helps you “spy” on other stores even though they are not on the Sell the trend database.
  • Engagement Rating Calculator: This feature compares Instagram and Twitter metrics to analyze which influencers stand a better chance of promoting your products. 


  • A daily-updated database of profitable products
  • Fast video ad creator, enhancing the chances of increased market reach.
  • Free training course
  • WooCommerce Integration


  • One has to pay to enjoy a premium experience.

3: Niche Scrapper

The tool helps you search for profitable products in AliExpress, Shopify, or Woo Commerce. It has an annual payment plan of $99.99 and offers a 7-day free trial.


  • Facebook Ad Generator: You can source images from Shopify and use them to create Facebook ads for your products.

  • Store analysis: The tool helps you “spy” on other shops, analyzing productivity and how profitable they are in the market.
  • Hand-picked products: The team picks 1-2 new products daily and posts them on a list you can pick from as a starting point.
  • Product Scrapper: It provides relevant information on products showing the sale trends to identify whether the sales are increasing or decreasing. This helps you decide which product to sell.


  • Spy on bestselling products on any Shopify store.
  • You can stay ahead of the competition by selling products before they get their chance to go viral.
  • Helps with targeting the Facebook audience.
  • Easy subscription cancellation at any time


  • Some features are only available on the paid version.

4: Ecomhunt

This product research platform and resource is best known for manually adding an array of new products daily that are doing well in the market. It has a free version and a membership fee of $29/month.


  • Allows you to import products from the database to your shop using API integration
  • Offers product analytics
  • Recommends selling price with calculated profit margins

  • Thousands of products in various categories


  • Easy to use modern website
  • Quick in finding profitable products
  • Features successful links to competitors and ad campaigns


  • Can at times exaggerate profit margins.
  • The Premium version limits access to some features.
  • The filters can be limiting while searching for some products.

5: Alishark

Alishark is especially used to search for products on AliExpress. The tool has a feature that specializes in filtering searches to find the best products. It has a monthly subscription fee of $20/month.


  • This product research tool offers live statistics, enabling you to see product performance hourly.
  • Alishark offers a wide range of product information, including pricing, total order number, and sales history over 2-6 months.
  • The tool has advanced filters that can help you narrow down product research, including by shipping method, warehousing, and sourcing, among others


  • Over 2 million reviewed AliExpress products
  • Low cost on the membership fee
  • Detailed and frequently updated statistics
  • Regular updates, including but not limited to dashboard and feature updates


  • It does not provide tutorials for its users
  • The video generator is not as helpful as what you’d find in some of the tools on this list of product research tools
  • Works best for a seller with an established client base or traffic

6: Pexda

The product research database on the platform is updated daily and offers Facebook ads and searches. It has a payment option of $14.95/month and other advanced plans.


  • Can help with sourcing for potential clients
  • Offers a 24/7 support system
  • Pexda has an auto hunt research tool
  • Offers professional product description with quality images


  • It shows you different audiences that can be potential clients
  • The investment cost is friendly
  • User-friendly site
  • Helps search for a variety of products


  • The platform does not offer tutorials on how to use the tools.

7: SaleSource

The eCommerce product research platform offers a host of product research tools and is powered by advanced expert system technology. It provides analytics tools and resources to boost your success in the eCommerce market. It offers a 7-day trial period with a monthly subscription fee of $20.


  • Offers full data information on sales, revenue, and expected profits.
  • Sources the most reliable AliExpress suppliers, offering the lowest prices
  • Offers a 7-day free trial period
  • The product research tool has a product analyzer that helps save time when searching for a single product using the chrome extension —you do this by uploading a product image.


  • Analysis of competitor’s data
  • Allows the use of chrome extension
  • Offers a free trial
  • Helps analyze profitable products


  • The premium price tag might be considered expensive by some users.
  • Limited documentation with minimal training.

8: Dropship Spy

This product research tool serves the needs of a beginner or intermediate seller by using Instagram influencers and Facebook ads. It is relatively cheap, with a monthly membership fee of $35.


  • The tool primarily relies on Instagram influencers to search for the most trending products
  • Dropship Spy offers advanced product analytics
  • Gives links to dependable suppliers
  • Has Amazon review downloader
  • Allows you to spy on other stores.


  • It has a responsive interface
  • Has frequent updates on new products
  • It has a live chat, allowing for faster customer responses
  • Offers real-time data, helping dropshipping business owners make wiser decisions in picking products


  • This product research tool does not have a free membership
  • It has limited Facebook targeting capabilities or features

9: MUZ Trends

MUZ Trends is the best tool to use when you need to source products that buyers are mostly searching on Google. The product research tool offers a starter payment plan of $19 per month and an advanced offer of $59/ month, with advanced features.


  • Products are manually added to MUZ Trends.
  • Allows you to upgrade your membership.
  • Allows the addition of over 500 products from different countries around the world.


  • Instead of offering saturated products, the tool gives products frequently searched by buyers
  • Offers premium customer support to its members
  • User-friendly platform
  • The premium membership also has automatic email alerts.
  • It shows products from different parts of the world.

  • It offers an affiliate program —you can earn affiliate commissions while still finding and selling profitable products.


  • It does not offer API-integrated product import, which requires manually adding products.
  • The tool offers very limited features for non-members.

10: Intelligynce

Intelligynce is a bundle of tools and software designed to help drop shippers conduct detailed eCommerce market and product research to analyze which products offer a higher profit margin.

The tool can access about 2.5 Million products in over 500,000 stores, including Amazon.

It offers a lifetime membership fee of $99.99 and a monthly fee of $39.


  • Offers a wide variety of Shopify products
  • Offers Google Chrome extension, making it easy to conduct product research directly from your Google Chrome browser
  • It offers Ali Inspector,  a feature used for searching products on AliExpress
  • Intelligynce has a store inspector that helps you get information on every store you search for


  • It helps in finding trending products to sell in your shop
  • It gives a detailed analysis of Facebook fans and social likes
  • Allows you to import unlimited product reviews.
  • Offers a wide range of products from many shops

  • It has powerful filters to source winning products.

  • Allows you to spy on Facebook and Google Ads
  • It helps with the search for hot products in the market


  • The Ali Inspector feature requires downloading and installation
  • One cannot create slideshow video ads.
  • The lifetime plan can be expensive for new dropshipping business owners or solopreneurs on a tight budget.


As a drop shipping business owner, using product research tools can be very productive and immensely helpful in time management while still offering you better chances to maximize profits by selling winning products.

Most of the 10 product research tools discussed in this blog offer a free trial option, but in the long run, you will find that investing in a paid version offers you more features and better chances of dropshipping success—by selling the right products.

Frequently Asked Drop Shipping Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Do I need a product research tool for dropshipping?

No. You can still find winning products manually. 

However, the manual process takes more time and can sometimes give you products that are not relevant in the current market space, making a product/keyword/market research tool a nice-to-have tool.

Q2: Can I spy on other shops with a product research tool?

Yes. Most of the product research tools we have discussed allow you to see how well the market is receiving a product. 

Q3: Is Dropshipping Worth It?

Yes: dropshipping is worth it. You can learn more about why dropshipping is worth it from this resource on our blog. 

Q4: Is Dropshipping A Scam?

No! Drop shipping is not a scam. However, it’s often a scam-filled business, and you need to learn how to protect yourself.

The Bestfulfill blog has a resource detailing why dropshipping is not a scam and how to protect yourself from common drop shipping scams.

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