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Top 12 Sunglass Manufacturers in the USA for Enhanced Sales Volume


If you are considering offering high-quality sunglasses in your eCommerce store, it makes business sense to only source from the best—top sunglasses manufacturers USA.  As of 2019, the US sunglasses market was valued at $16,851 million. Now is a perfect time for you to venture into the sunglasses business as the market is projected to grow considerably in the coming years.

Most users, especially Americans, appreciate high-quality, functional, and aesthetically appealing sunglasses. If you’ll be targeting such consumers, the best American sunglasses brands will offer you exactly what you need.

Avoid the tedious search for the right supplier for your business—consider working with any of the top 15 US sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers reviewed below.

Which Are the Best Sunglasses Manufacturers in the USA?

The summer here and the demand for sunglasses in the US has already skyrocketed. You can profit from this trend by offering sunglasses in your store. Even with the best marketing strategy, you’ll still need to partner with a supplier that offers the perfect blend of beauty, quality, and profit margins.

In this regard, here are the leading American sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers worth considering:

1.    Sunglass Hut International, Inc.

Sunglass Hut is among the leading retailers of sunglasses and sunglass accessories globally. Founded way back in 1971, the Miami-based retailer is a subsidiary of the Italian-based Luxottica Group. For the more than 50 years they have been in business, this retailer has managed to offer a family feel and welcoming spirit in all their kiosks.

They also offer a wide range of sunglasses to suit different consumer preferences and needs. According to their past customers, sunglasses and accessories by Sunglass Hut are a perfect way for anyone to express themselves.

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At the same time, the Sunglass Hut happens to be one of the largest retailers of nonprescription sunglasses in the USA. With this retailer, you have an opportunity to resell iconic sunglass styles by some of the most popular brands like:

  • Armani Exchange:
  • Bvlgari
  • Dior
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Gucci
  • Oakley
  • Prada Linea Rossa
  • Ralph
  • Ray-Ban

2.    iRIS Fashion

Unlike many other suppliers in the region, iRIS Fashion manufacturers and wholesalers it’s sunglasses in the US. For the 30+ years they have been in business, the company has been offering innovative and profitable products for retailers across the globe.

They manufacture an array of unique sunglass designs and styles for women, men, and kids. The Business to Business (B2B) supplier offers their products at wholesale price points to kiosks, boutiques, and online stores. Many of their customers live with the fact that the manufacturer does not have minimum order requirements.

Most of their merchandise is ready to ship, which expedites delivery times. With this American sunglass manufacturer, you can have your order(s) delivered in a day or two.

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3.    Charlie V. 

Would you rather sell the best wrap-around sport sunglasses and wood frame sunglasses that have been designed and manufactured in the USA? You should get in touch with the Charlie V. manufacturer right away. All Charlie V sunglasses are American made and are up to the industry standards for quality.

The manufacturer even allows retailers to order and resale prescription lenses that have been specifically designed for use on Charlie V. frames. In either case, expect to get high-quality sunglass materials and unparalleled craftsmanship.  

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With this manufacturer, your customers will have superior-quality and stylish eye protection this Summer. Some of their popular sunglass styles include:

  • C.V.O. Wrap Around Sport Sunglasses
  • Classic Wood Sunglasses

4.    American Optical (AO)

American Optical is arguably the oldest optical companies in the USA—they have been around since 1833. This American sunglasses brand is renowned for its vintage and timeless sunglasses that come in multiple styles, including:

  • Original Pilot
  • General
  • Saratoga

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While these are some of the most popular styles, AO also offers several other frame styles that are sure to amaze your customers. Regardless of the style, AO sunglasses feature a blend of function, form, and quality. Their products are also known to last for decades.

5.    WearMe Pro

WearMe Pro (WMP) is a family owned and operated sunglasses manufacturer in the USA. They specialize in the production of fashionable, yet affordable glasses for men and women. The manufacturer is committed to the production of high-quality eyewear that is accessible to everyone.

WMP is also renowned for manufacturing eco-friendly sunglass frames. With regards to sustainability, they offer recycled ocean plastic eyeglass shades in the industry. You will also find the sunglasses to be just functional as they are aesthetically appealing.

In this regard, each WearMe Pro sunglass model offers  100% UVB and UVA protection. The manufacturer also facilitates easy, quick, and free returns, in case you are not satisfied with the product(s).

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6.    American Sunglasses Manufacturing, Inc. (AmSun)

This is another one of the sunglasses manufacturers USA you should consider partnering with. AmSun essentially offers sunglass assembly, one-time dun lens edging, and related eyewear services. Based in San Diego, California, the AmSun production facility offers a complete range of services, right from lens design to complete lens production including, as well as their legendary lens edging program.

This American sunglasses manufacturer allows business owners to access lens edging for sunglass frames, full prescription Rx Lab, and Plano lens edging services at competitive price points. With AmSun, you’ll also get effective product warehousing solutions as well as precise order fulfillment and kitting services.

Among the top sunglasses brands suppliers in the country, AmSun deliveries are some of the fastest—guaranteeing custom and timely fulfillment with every sunglass order.

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7.    Fatheadz

Fatheadz manufacturers select styles of their sunglasses in the USA. Their specialty is oversized eyewear and sunglasses meant for people with wide heads. The company was founded back in 2004 to produce eyewear products for men with heads too large to fit in standard width sunglasses comfortably.

Over the years, the manufacturer has grown to produce five distinct lines of eyewear for men and women. Of all the custom sunglasses manufacturers in the USA, Fatheadz is the preferred supplier for hundreds of eCommerce store owners. Despite having more than 100 unique product offerings the company will tailor each product to meet your customer’s needs.

Their latest innovation is the All-American Version 2.0 sunglasses product line. These sunglasses come in 10 distinct and variable styles proudly adorning the Made in the USA mark.

8.    Gatorz

Gators is regarded as one of the best sunglass manufacturers in the US, when it comes to the production of wrap around sunglasses. All their sunglasses are handcrafted in their modern facilities based in Yuma, Arizona. In an effort to deliver the best quality, the manufacturer only uses superior quality materials to make their sunglasses, including American metal.

The manufacturer produces both prescription and non prescription sunglasses to fit the needs of different consumers. Regardless of the sunglass style you prefer, rest assured that Gatorz sunglasses are engineered to protect and designed for style.

Partner with this supplier to source American-made sunglasses that are rugged and designed to offer your customers an adjustable fit. Gatorz uses aluminum to make their sunglasses. This allows for the production of a thin and adjustable temple, without having to compromise on strength.


Frames Direct is an online wholesaler and retailer of eyeglasses and sunglasses. They offer a selection of made in USA eyewear, including Shuron and Randolph Engineering Aviator sunglasses. Their catalog includes more than 200 of the top American sunglass brands.

That said, Frames Direct is by far one of the sunglass manufacturers with the largest selection of designer eyewear in the world. This makes them a great supplier for small and medium sized eyewear stores—allowing you to shop for every eyewear product and accessory your customers need. 

Unlike other eyewear suppliers in the country, Frames Direct offers exceptional customer service through a team of expert opticians. They leverage their experience and expertise to offer businesses designer eyewear their customers will adore at some of the best price points.

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With this supplier, you can conveniently source products by multiple brands, including:

  • Gucci
  • Dakley
  • Kate Spade New York
  • Ray Ban
  • GiorGio Armani
  • Prada Eyewear
  • Versace
  •  Costa

10.  Randolph

The Randolph manufacturer has been selling handcrafted sunglasses for decades now. All their products are handcrafted for more than 6 weeks and in 200 individual steps. All the innovative bending, twisting, soldering, plating, assembly, and testing for their products takes place inside their factories in Randolph, Massachusetts.

The end result is pairs of sunglasses and accessories that will last a lifetime. Randolph sunglasses lenses have been trusted by military pilots for 40+ years now. Randolph lenses are purposefully engineered performance lenses built for a lifetime of adventures.

Explore the different Randolph lenses, see the difference in the order the sunglasses your customers will cherish for a lifetime.

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11.  Lowercase NYC

Lowercase was born out of the love for eyewear and an appreciation for true craftsmanship. It is one of the youngest sunglass manufacturers in the USA. Even so, Lowercase is on a mission to localize the trade of eyewear to the US. Additionally, the company is committed to manufacturing sunglasses that are second to none in quality and design.

Such a unique approach has led to the production of eyewear products that almost any user can relate with. The design of each frame embodies its own particular story. Inspired by music, location, history and events of the city, you truly are wearing New York City glasses. The details of the frames are purposeful and play to each theme.

From bold lines to underlying detail, the designs are unique and allow artistic expression for each individual. Rest assured that you are getting American quality with every Lowercase product you order—every pair of glasses goes through a 30 step process that takes 2 weeks to complete within their Brooklyn workshop.

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12.  Shuron

Shuron has been making glasses in the US since 1865. They also sell the same sunglasses frames that were supplied to the US Army and US Air Force during WWII. Well, you are not likely to get such patriotism elsewhere. The  Ronsir frame style, for instance, is the frame that defined the 1950s.

Shuron is a preferred custom sunglasses manufacturer for hundreds of businesses in the USA and beyond. To this end, their sunglasses are custom made to order. They have been doing this since 1865, hence offering the very best both in style and in substance.

By producing all their sunglass designs in-house, this manufacturer is able to maintain a personal connection with each of their customers. This way, they have been able to forge perfect partnerships—supplying superiors products and accessories every single time.

This way, when you open a Shuron box, you can be sure that the frames inside have been created especially for you.

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Whether you own a brick-and-mortar or eCommerce eyewear store, you should offer your customers the very best in quality, and pricing. This will keep your customers coming back for more and more likely to recommend your store to their friends.

If you are targeting American consumers, it is highly advisable to offer them American-made products by the leading sunglass manufacturers in the USA. If you would rather get higher profit margins, just source your products through a reputable sourcing and fulfillment agent in China. 

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