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8 Dropshipping Video Ad Services that Will Help You Stand Out 


Using video advertisements (ads) to market a Dropshipping business has been proven to boost conversions by more than 80%. That said, using drop ship video ads properly can significantly boost traffic—effectively driving more customers and sales to your Dropshipping store.

For your dropship video ad campaign(s) to be this successful, you need to use the right video ad services and include the right message in your ads.

This article will help you accomplish just that.

The Best Way To Advertise a Dropshipping Store: Dropship Video Ad Services

Whether you decide to dropship from your website or through an eCommerce platform like Shopify, you still need to market the business. Video advertisements are some of the most effective marketing methods for dropshipping businesses.

To a considerable degree, the effectiveness of your video ads will depend on the video ad service you choose to use for the campaign. Reviewed below are some of the best Dropshipping video ad services you should consider.

1.    Ad Jedi

Ad Jedi—a group of professionals—is a global leader when it comes to designing creatives. Backed by some of the leading influencers, Ad Jedi offers some of the best end-to-end video advertisement services in the industry.

It is committed to ensuring that your dropship marketing campaign succeeds. As such, they offer a budget-friendly marketing option for dropshippers. This makes it a great partner whenever you need to create powerful ad videos that are sure to go viral.

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Ad Jedi offers you everything, right from scripting and footage to production of the video ad and editing. You will also get 24/7 delivery and satisfactory customer support to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Key Features and Benefits  

  • Allows for custom selections
  • Premium video editing software and royalty-free music
  • Supports bulk orders with generous discounts
  • Known for creating attention-grabbing video content
  • Offers translation and voice offer services as well
  • If not satisfied, they offer unlimited revisions or a full refund


With Ad Jedi, you can get dropship video ads for as low as $20, through their Basic pricing package. Other pricing plans include the Split Testing plan which offers 3 variations for $29 and the Bulk Package which offers 3 fully-optimized video ads for about $55.

2.    Launch Ads

Launch Ads happens to be one of the most recommended Dropshipping video ads services by Dropshipping experts and influencers across the globe.  As a matter of fact, the service has been used by successful drop shippers to create optimized and engaging YouTube ad videos that stand out.

With Launch Ads, your ad videos will be created by a team of professional scriptwriters and editors. They are proficient in creating ad videos of varying sizes to suit different platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as for logo branding.

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Unlike other services, Launch Ads guarantees delivery of requested videos in one to three days.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Recommended dropship video ad service by top YouTubers and influencers
  • Guaranteed fast turnaround or your video is free
  • Can produce 30 to 50 seconds videos, complete with music and logo
  • Classic ads with support for multiple size options
  • Video ads feature optimized thumbnails
  • Offers translation in any language
  • Unlimited revisions within 72hrs of placing an order


Launch Ads offers multiple pricing plans for their verticals ads, classic ads, as well as for the ads that feature user-generated content. Here is what you should expect to pay when using this video ad service:

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  • Dropship Video Ad + Thumbnail: Between $45 and $65
  • 3-Ways Split Testing, featuring 3 Thumbnails: Between $60 and $80 (a Bulk plan available on request)
  • Split Testing 4 Variation Ads with 4 Optimized Thumbnails: Between $70 and $90Ø  Vertical dropship video ads: $40

3.    DropShipMedia

Most of the satisfied customers have a lot to say about DropShipMedia ad videos, as you can see from their website.  They are particularly happy about the exceptional content, compelling footage, and effective ad copy they received while working with DropShipMedia.

With their affordable all-in-one service, the company does all the “heavy lifting”, with regard to the ad video creation process. The company guarantees that it won’t share or recycle any ad content, making it a preferred ad service among drop shippers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 100% customizable ad content
  • Unique content and outro for each ad video, featuring royalty-free music
  • Unlimited revisions within 7 days of the initial delivery
  • Offers bulk order packages( get a 5 to 15 video bundle for $250 to $525)
  • Amazing deals and discounts upon request


For a single dropship video ad, expect to pay about $55. The company will charge you about $65 for Three video split-testing and about $75 for four video split-testing for different social media platforms.

4.    BandsOffAds

Would you rather work with a reputable Dropshipping video ad service that guarantees swift delivery? Well, BandsOffAds is one such service provider. With hundreds of positive reviews, BandsOffAds is, without a doubt, a preferred provider of high-quality dropship video ads in the industry.

BandsOffAds currently boasts of some of the most outstanding brand ambassadors and a pool of brilliant minds—that focus on creating proven-to-convert video ads for dropshippers. To get a video ad that converts from BandsOffAds, you only need to fill a questionnaire.

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BandsOffAds will then use the information you provided to handle the rest, including script writing, producing, compiling, and editing the video ad.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Proven track record for delivering viral dropship video ads
  • Fast turnaround of up to three days
  • Positively reviewed by hundreds of genuine customers
  • Best video ads for marketing Dropshipping products on Instagram and Facebook
  • Relatively affordable video ads, featuring expert ad copy and thumbnails
  • Offers bulk order options with unique footage for each ad
  • Supports multiple languages


To get a single video ad, featuring the ad copy and an optimized thumbnail, watermark, and branding, from BandsOffAds, you will be required to pay about $55. Alternatively, you could opt for their split-testing package that is priced at $65—offers 3 variations.

5.    Dropboxads

The DropboxAds dropship video ad service allows you to automate your marketing efforts. To this end, they allow you to use the best suited video ad styles to boost traffic and conversions on your Dropshipping storefront.

Their winning, hard-hitting video advertisements have been known to accelerate sales for many Dropshipping businesses. Dropboxads is unique in that they customized their ads to each platform. In this regard, you could choose to have Instagram ads, Dropshipping video ads, Facebook ads, or website video ads.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Better personalization of video ads
  • Known to offer Value-Ads that are meant to offer the best ROI
  • Ads feature free copyright music
  • Remarkable customer support and after-sales service
  • Offers free changes, if at all you are not satisfied with the final product


You can get up to five dropship video ads for about $150 with unlimited revisions.

6.    Adsellr

AdSellr is one of the most flexible full-service dropship video ad services you can get today. They have a team of experts who are dedicated to providing quality footage and the best UGC possible for each ad. This service is the ideal option for a dropshipper who wishes to boost traffic and gain traction. 

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Rest assured that the professionals at AdSellr understand anything there is to know about the aesthetics and psychology of creating a video ad that converts.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ads are branded and feature your business logo
  • Offers custom video content upon request
  • Offers up to five free revisions per order
  • Offers an affiliate program that offers a commission of up to 20% per purchase


AdSellr charges between $89 and $219 for a single UGC Video Ad. Standard Social Media Video Ads are priced at around $159 each, while the Split Testing Package costs about $549.

7.    EcomVids

Here is another full-service dropship video ad service that creates some of the best vide ads for Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. EcomVids is essentially a team of about 20 expert video ad creators and ecommerce marketers.

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Unlike most of the leading Dropshipping video ad services, EcomVids handles every aspect of the creation process. In this regard, they are responsible for everything, right from product testing and scripting to hiring actors for the video and editing the video ad.

Even so, they have a relatively slow turnaround—between 15 and 30 days.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports custom user-generated content
  • Their video ads are filmed inside a state-of-the-art studio
  • Offers multiple video ad styles, including story ads, product review ads, and viral video ads
  • Allows for unlimited revisions until you are satisfied
  • Offers both off-location and customized shooting options


The pricing structure offered by EcomVids is just as diverse as their video ad options. Here is a general breakdown of their prices:

  • Amazon Video Ads: Between $2,500 and $2,800
  • Amazon Instruction Videos: Charged on a per project basis
  • Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads: Between $1,300 and $3,500
  • Social media creatives: Between $2,800 and $8,500

8.    Winning Ads Media

Unleash your Dropshipping full sales potential and extend your reach with dropship video ads by Winning Ads Media. Video ads by this provider have been proven to increase customer engagement, drive more sales, and grow profit margins for dropshippers across the globe.

A team of experts at Winning Ada Media works tirelessly to produce the highest level of engagement possible with every video ad they create. They offer different packages and support for different social media platforms.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Support for multiple languages
  • Boasts of numerous positive reviews by real customers
  • If not satisfied with the final vide ad, they will send you a revision in less than 24 hours
  • Features an affiliate program that offers 10% in commission for all products and referrals


For a premium ad, this service provider charges between $29 and $64. To get 3 such videos, expect to spend between $139 and $314. With their A/B testing package, you will get 3 video ad variants for a single product for $49 to $104.

How to Create Effective Dropshipping Ads for Your Business

Getting your products heard and seen in the competitive Dropshipping world is hard enough. Convincing the right audience to buy your Dropshipping products is another matter altogether. The right dropship video ads will give you an edge over your competition and allow you to achieve just that.

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Creating your own video ads can save you money and you don’t even have to be an expert to do it. The following tips will help you create a video ad that sells:

Determine your Target Audience – get to know who you are advertising to and where they often spend their time.

Identify Your Marketing Goals – What are you trying to achieve with the advertisement, brand awareness, engagement, traffic, more followers, or more sales? This helps you to decide your script  video tone, and length.

Decide on the Ad Content – what type of content should you create? An explainer video, how-to video, or promo video?

Decide on Where to Advertise – which social media platform does your target audience often hang out?

Choose the Right Video Length – different social media platforms have different video length requirements. Other than that, make the video just as long as it takes to get your message across.

Choose the Right Aspect Ratio – different social media platforms support different aspect ratios, including square, vertical, and horizontal. For instance, Facebook supports square and vertical videos while YouTube supports horizontal videos.

Write a Script – start with something that is attention grabbing then cover all the main points required to hit your campaign goal.

Come up with a storyboard – a graphic representation of how the video ad will unfold.

Invest in the Right Equipment – while the camera on your Smartphone may suffice, a professional-looking video ad may require much more. For instance, you’ll need to have good lighting, which requires additional equipment.

Add Your Branding Elements – make the audience know that this content came from your Dropshipping store. You could add your business logo as a watermark.


Fewer marketing methods can achieve the levels of engagement, conversion, and attract more traffic than video ads. However, this is only possible with a professional-looking dropship video ad. Additionally, your ad campaign needs to feature the right content and be posted on the right platform.To ensure that you get it right the first time, it is advisable to use any of the Dropshipping video ad services reviewed above. Following the success of your video ad campaign, you will need Bestfulfill to help you find the best Dropshipping products and suppliers for your business.

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