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16 Functional Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping


From most common dropshipping experiences, sellers find it overwhelming to deal with numerous product variations and the analytics involved.

Dropshipping chrome extensions lessen the hassle of dealing with aspects of a dropshipping business, like product price, marketing, task automation, and the likes, making running a more efficient dropshipping business easier.

This blog focuses on 16 dropshipping chrome extensions you can use to enhance your dropshipping business experience. 

The Best Dropshipping Chrome Extensions

Here’s a list of the dropshipping Chrome extensions covered in this blog:

  1. AliDropship
  2. Alitools Shopping Assistant
  3. AliExpress Coupon Finder 
  4. DSers
  5. Search AliExpress Products By Image
  6. AliSave
  7. Easy AliExpress Review Downloader
  8. Ali Insider
  9. ASIFY
  10. AliExpress Parcels – My Orders
  11. AMZScout
  12. Shopify App Detector Chrome
  13. Dropified Dropshipping
  14. ShopifyMonitor
  15. Sell The Trend

Let’s now focus on each extension:

1: Alidropship

Alidropship has been around since 2015. It allows direct importation of products from AliExpress to your WooCommerce or WordPress-powered store. With Alidropship, you can automatically update your inventory in your store and check on stocks.

Alidropship has a one-time payment of $89 that gives you plugin versions. For additional perks, you would need to pay an additional $48.


  • Product Variety
  • Allows you to view price history over time
  • Automatic product reviews and rating updates from AliExpress
  • Compare prices of products to maximize profits.

Best For

  • ePackect shipping filter to get fast and free shipping options for buyers
  • Optimizing SEO product tags to get specific products to clients
  • Automated product listing with order fulfillment
  • Live statistics and detailed data on the shop’s visitors.

2: Alitools Shopping Assistant

Alitools is a chrome extension that started in 2014. This dropshipping chrome extension seeks to make shopping on AliExpress as profitable and reliable as can be. To get products listed on their page, one has to click the link on the product page, which redirects to AliExpress.

Alitools is a free-to-use service since its business model revolves around receiving a commission from store clicks.


  • Daily reports of order tracking
  • Direct delivery of discounts to your order at check out
  • Seller verification allows you to buy from trusted sellers

  • Check real-life photos of products before purchase

Best For

  • Quick and efficient image search, including ratings
  • AliExpress price history checker, tracking up to 6 months with tracking and regular updates, thus protecting you from fake discounts.
  • Checking for the most recent Promo codes and coupons.

3: AliExpress Coupon Finder

AliExpress Coupon Finder is a free chrome extension that helps buyers find coupons for AliExpress. This extension helps you get the best deals in the store to maximize profits. This all works on autopilot mode.


  • Analyze prices to find the best deals for bulk purchases
  • Scan through all discounts to find the best deals
  • Adds discounts to get the best combinations for you.

Best For

This tool is best for searching for all types of coupons, including wholesale discounts, promo codes, different types of AliExpress coupons, and more.

4: Dsers

Dsers is a dropshipping Chrome extension tool that automates the AliExpress drop shipping experience. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify and Woocommerce. Dsers pride themselves on their excellent customer service.

The tool has a free version but offers premium packages with additional features.


  • The bulk order feature allows you to place a bunch of orders at the same time with a simple click

  • Tracking number auto sync from AliExpress, offering correct feedback to clients
  • Allows you to hide products that don’t work for your store at some point and for this or that reason
  • Multiple store management allows you to link your stores under the same account.

Best For

  • Fast order processing with a short delivery time of up to 10 days
  • Easy migration between platforms like Orbelo, ShopMaster, or Dropified
  • Supplier optimizer to help you find the best prices in the market 

5: Search AliExpress Products By Image

The dropshipping chrome extension works by right-clicking on the image and choosing the option to search for the product on AliExpress, which also applies to Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

You get to see the products without redirecting to Google.


  • Easy to use by just right-clicking on the product image
  • Immediate results without redirecting to Google

Best For

  • Searching for similar goods from different stores from the same image
  • Price comparison of similar items
  • Checking supplier ratings 

6: Alisave

This dropshipping Chrome extension allows you to download high-quality AliExpress or Alibaba product images.

One must click the Install button on the page to get started. Next, find the product you need on AliExpress and download it, automatically saving the image to your computer.

This is a free service for all users, but it also has a pro version costing $2.99 per month for additional features.


  • The Pro version allows for downloads of all images in one click
  • Allows image download from a pop-up window, avoiding image corruption
  • The capacity to download review photos

Best For

  • Getting high-quality images and videos
  • Converting WebP to JPG

7: Easy AliExpress Review Downloader

This tool allows you to download reviews from AliExpress and your store. This allows you to know the reviews left behind on a potential supplier’s products. This process is free and automated, making it easier to scan through the reviews quickly.


  • Offers product filter by country, rating, and pictures
  • Free-to-use platform
  • Automation of importation of product reviews.

Best For

  • This dropshipping Chrome extension is best for downloading AliExpress reviews and saving them as CSV files, thus allowing you to import these reviews to your store.

8: Ali Insider

Unlike other dropshipping Chrome extensions that provide automation of tasks, the Ali Insider Chrome extension specifically seeks to help you grow your dropshipping business by helping you find winning products that can help boost your profit margins.

The extension integrates with AliExpress, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

They have a free-to-use and a $19.95 paid version that gives you extra tools and privileges. The longer the plan, the more perks you get.


  • Supplier finder that offers details on warehouse location, product prices, shipping arrangements, and the total number of orders pending
  • Allows you to check how a product performs in different countries
  • Price history checker of up to 3 months.

Best For

  • Spying on competition to check revenue, target markets, and prices
  • Getting new trending products with lower competition and fast dropshipping
  • Finding profitable niches from the product analytics provided.


Dropshipping with AliExpress is easier, thanks to the additional features introduced by Asify. This dropshipping-driven Chrome extension is available in English, French, and German to ensure easy accessibility.

The tool is free to use with no hidden charges or trial periods.


  • Daily product sales tracking
  • Search for reliable sellers in one click
  • Product search using a variety of criteria, including processing time, prices orders, or shipping countries

Best For

  • Product sale statistics including daily sales, countries with top sales, and top dropshipping countries
  • Profit calculation through a simulator that allows you to set prices and get estimated profits with deductions on all transaction fees

10: AliExpress Parcels – My Orders

With this tool, you can quickly scan through AliExpress orders and quickly switch between pages for an overall look at the products.

Here, you can track your parcels from AliExpress at any time.

Note that the AliExpress order number is different from the tracking number.

The AliExpress order number is all numerical as 502370139095420, while the tracking number is Alphanumerical YT72760621444007800, and found on the T AliExpress order page.


  • Multilanguage support, making the extension very accessible 
  • Offers shipment information, including transportation options
  • Push notifications with changes on tracking of the package

Best For

  • Tracking AliExpress orders

11: AMZScout

AMZScout was started in 2015 and is Philadelphia-based. It was established to help Amazon sellers find their place in the market. The extension focuses on helping sellers manage their profit margins while multiplying their income.

They offer plans you can choose from depending on your needs.


  • Spying on competitors’ sales and inventory level
  • Predict the number of sales on a specific niche based on the sales rank
  • Amazon keyword search allows you to pick winning products

Best For

  • Obtaining extensive data on products to find the most profitable products to sell
  • Filtering Amazon products to assess  supply, demand, and competition 
  • Amazon dropshipping helps you avoid risky products by selling already existing products.

12: Shopify App Detector Chrome

The dropshipping Chrome extension allows you to check the apps or themes used by a Shopify store. If the theme is completely customized, it lets you know. runs the tool.

You get access to a free version and paid plans with a 14-day trial period.


  • SEO-optimized reviews that show up in Google search results
  • Cash and discount incentives to prompt reviews from clients

  • Easily import reviews from Facebook, Google, and the like.

Best For

  • Displaying reviews, ratings, and testimonials on your Shopify store in under 5 minutes
  • A beautiful display of reviews featuring customer photos or videos.

13: Dropified Dropshipping

Dropified integrates with the top five eCommerce stores, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, to name the top three.

The platform works as a dropshipping agent, offering order fulfillment and shipping. You get to keep the profits after a customer places a successful sale.

They offer a paid plan with a free version that still works for certain needs.


  • Easy order fulfillment with a quick change of suppliers in case stock runs out
  • Automatic multi-order placing in minutes
  • A profit dashboard that allows you to check your profit margins

Best For

  • Sourcing winning products at wholesale prices
  • Automating order details to avoid mistakes
  • Making an income without handling inventory

14: Shopify Monitor

This dropshipping Chrome extension offers constant updates when a product gets added to a Shopify store. It also allows you to check the product with one click from the notification.

You also get to learn about restocks and more information about your desired products.

The tool offers free and pro accounts. You can cancel the subscription with the click of a button.


  • Easy export of product CSV file and its importation to your Shopify store
  • Monitor operation intervals when you receive notifications.

Best For

  • Quick display of products in a list
  • Quick, one-click product search on

15: Sell the Trend

This dropshipping Chrome extension allows you to import products from AliExpress to the Sell the Trend dashboard. With one click, you can fulfill your order.

The extension is also compatible with Shopify and WooCommerce. You get a payment plan of $39.97 per month with ease of cancellation when needed.


  • Store automation with AI 
  • Product performance and statistics filter based on country 
  • Over 7 million products to pick from, with about 80 niches to consider
  • 1-click push to store
  • A marketing tool that aims at maximizing engagement, thus promoting sales

Best For

  • AI-powered dropshipping product research 
  • Checking for competitors’ best-selling products and their FaceBook Ads
  • Training on dropshipping with their dropshipping A to Z course.

16: Modalyst

Modalyst is a print-on-demand and dropshipping store that allows you to build your brand easily.

They can integrate with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix with a single click.

Modalyst allows easy importation of products from AliExpress using a Chrome extension. This is easily done by opening the AliExpress page and clicking “Add to Modalyst” next to the product.

You can start your dropshipping experience at no cost or go the premium route to get more features.


  • High quality and variety of products to pick from
  • Arrange products in different categories and themes to make exporting to your store easy
  • Switch products in your store with a single click to stay ahead of the competition

  • Shipping status updates on courier name and tracking information.

Best For

  • Automatic update of product availability, inventory, and price, which helps with sales management 
  • Customization of product details, including description images and titles, to get more attention

Worthy Mention: Bestfulfill

As a dropshipper, you might also want to try out Bestfulfill, a China-based, professional sourcing and dropshipping agency that offers services common to dropshipping Chrome extensions, including but not limited to:

  • Product Sourcing
  • Bulk inventory storage in their warehouses
  • Branding and customization services
  • Effective after-sale services.


Experiment with the 16 Chrome extensions discussed in this blog to find one –or a few–that enhance your dropshipping experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How to Install Dropshipping Extensions to Chrome?

To install any Chrome extension, head to Chrome’s extensions marketplace, find the extension you want, then click on the install button. Your Chrome browser will automatically install the extension. 

Q2: How do I add extensions to AliExpress Chrome?

First, get access to the Chrome web page. Then, click the “Add to Chrome” button, which prompts you to install the extensions. By allowing this, the extension is added to your browser and appears in the browser window.

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