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10 Great Private Label Cosmetics Companies


Private label cosmetics companies ensure ambitious entrepreneurs can access a more affordable way to bring their business ideas to life. With a private label cosmetics business, you can start selling your own custom-made cosmetics, without having to spend a fortune on hiring a manufacturing plant or doing your own research into essential formulas.

Currently, the cosmetics market is set to reach a value of $758.4 billion worldwide by 2025. Indeed, this sector has been one of the more resilient options for business leaders, as growth for the cosmetics industry has remained consistent for a number of years.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the top private label cosmetics manufacturers available to help you launch your new business.

1. B4U Labs

Promising an unprecedented private label service for beauty professionals, B4U labs combines a small minimum order requirement (100pcs per item) with exceptional customer support to capture the attention of would-be entrepreneurs around the world.

The simple three-step process used by B4U labs means you can get your business up and running in no time. You start by choosing one of the carefully tested formulations from the B4U Labs portfolio, then choose a selection of bottles and jars from the collection. Next, you simply add the design template you want for your products and upload any branding elements you need.


  • Excellent approach to branding with templates to help make product production quick.
  • Wide-range of quality-tested product formulations to choose from.
  • Excellent customer support from a team of dedicated experts.


  • Only available for shipping throughout the EU and UK
  • Minimum order quantities (100pcs)

Pricing: You’ll need to contact the B4U team to get a custom quote for your private label cosmetics products. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that MOQs start at 100 pieces.

2. Onoxa

With sample kits available to help you experiment with and create your own brand of products, Onoxa is committed to making it easier for businesses to start their own cosmetics line.

This private label manufacturer allows you to build a comprehensive portfolio of cosmetic products with just a couple of clicks. Outside of cosmetics, you can also create various natural supplements, hair care and skincare products.

Onoxa promises a customizable and streamlined production process – and they deliver. There are plenty of ways to add your own branding and logo, and low minimum order quantities, so you can start small if you need to. Plus, you set your own pricing and margins, with no contracts or commitments.

  • On-demand delivery for all your required products, with low minimum order quantities
  • No contracts or commitments, simply choose the products you want when you want them.
  • Add your own branding and logo with a host of templates to get you started.
  • Excellent range of samples so you can test items before you invest.


  • All-natural ingredients and luxury products can lead to higher prices


The pricing for your products from Onoxa will depend on a number of factors, including what kind of cosmetics you want to make. You’ll need to contact the team to get a quote.

3. Mind The Beauty

A reliable company committed to creating unique private label skincare and cosmetics products, Mind the Beauty is a top choice for a wide range of entrepreneurs. This company works side by side with clients, taking a full partnership approach to make your business a success. You can even get advice and guidance on marketing and branding.

There are a wide range of excellent cosmetics products to choose from with Mind the Beauty, from mascara and lip-gloss to lipsticks. The team is also on-hand to help you search for colors and consistencies unique to your brand.


  • Excellent customer service and help with bringing your brand to life.
  • Wide range of product options, including cosmetics, skincare, and haircare.
  • High-quality creative studio to help with branding and packaging design


  • Not suitable for global distribution.

Pricing: The pricing for your products from Mind the Beauty will depend on what kind of items you want to sell. You may also need to pay extra for branding assistance.

4. Mineral Mine

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the latest trends with mineral-based makeup, then Mineral mine has you covered. This private label cosmetics company is a great choice for brands looking to set themselves apart from the crowd with an eco-friendly approach to production. Aside from a huge range of cosmetic products, like lip stains, and foundations, Mineral mine also offers accessories like brushes for its brands.

Companies looking to get up and running quickly will have an excellent experience with Mineral Mine. The company can help with everything from guiding your choice of packaging, to providing you with full makeup kits.


  • Excellent range of mineral-based makeup products and cosmetic accessories.
  • Packaging and branding support for teams in need of extra help.
  • Lots of closeout and overstock specials available to help with saving money


  • Exclusive focus on mineral makeup can lead to product portfolio restrictions


There’s no pricing available on the Mineral Mine website, so you will need to reach out to the company yourself to get a quote for your cosmetics.

5. Blanka

Easily one of the top choices for businesses looking to create their own private label cosmetics brand, Blanka has multiple product lines to choose from. This company specializes in everything from lipstick and eye pencils to skincare products, so you can build a full product portfolio in no time.

The easy-to-use ecosystem on the backend of the Blanka website makes building your own brand with this company quick and simple. All you need to do is pick the products you want to sell and upload your logos. You can even place direct private label orders from a Shopify app.


  • Integration with Shopify so you can connect your manufacturer to your website.
  • Excellent range of private label cosmetic products to choose from.
  • Great back-end environment makes it easy to choose products and upload branding


  • Ships throughout the United States and Canada only

Pricing: You’ll need to contact the Blanka team and build your products with your required branding to get a custom quote from this brand.

6. Radical Cosmetics

A family-owned private label cosmetics company, Radical Cosmetics is based in the USA, with a host of fantastic cosmetics products to choose from. The private label company is committed to making life easier for entrepreneurs, with access to a wide range of sample kits and support from a dedicated customer success team.

Part of what makes Radical Cosmetics so impressive is the company’s ability to create a host of custom formulations on your behalf. If you can’t find what you need among the existing product portfolio offered by this vendor, you can contact the team and make something new.


  • Wide range of nearly 200 cosmetics products to choose and add your label to.
  • Manufacturing facility in the USA for easy shipping to a large range of locations.
  • Excellent customer service with access to custom formulation design.
  • Fantastic high-quality ingredients in all of the cosmetics.


  • Can be expensive to access certain products

Pricing: You will need to contact the team to get a price for your private label cosmetics from Radical Cosmetics. However, there are minimum order quantities required with this brand.

7. ViaGlamour

ViaGlamour is a featured Shopify partner and private label cosmetics manufacturer perfect for today’s modern business owners. The company promises brands easy ways to get their vegan and cruelty-free product line up and running. You can even create subscription products with this team.

The ViaGlamour company offers an excellent level of customer service, complete with guidance and support on how to improve your packaging. You can design a wide range of beauty kits with the company, order samples, and access ultra-fast shipping, so it’s easy to get your company running as quickly as possible.


  • Featured Shopify partner means its easy to integrate your new solution for private label manufacturing with your existing store.
  • Amazing ultra-fast shipping to help you get all the products and beauty kits you need fast.
  • Access to a wide range of product options, including the opportunity to create subscription boxes for your customers.


  • Some products can be quite expensive

Pricing: The exact price you’ll pay for your private label cosmetics solution from Via glamour will depend on a range of factors, including what kind of products you want to make. Notably, you can also access dropshipping with this brand, starting at $4.99 per package to the US.

8. Mana Private Label

The Mana Private Label company produces some of the most diverse selections of products for the cosmetics industry. The company is constantly introducing new products, from items infused with special ingredients to unique packages designed for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

The catalog from Mana includes everything from prep and treating creams, to face and eye cosmetics, tools kits, and more. There’s also a huge variety of packaging products to help you customize your products to suit your specific needs.

Mana is one of the longer-running private label cosmetics companies on this list, with an impact on the market since 1975!


  • Excellent background in working with a huge range of cosmetics and beauty companies.
  • Access to a range of conscious skincare products, with unique materials and high-quality components to attract your audience.
  • Lots of branding options to make your company stand out, including packaging options.


  • Some of the luxury products are quite expensive

Pricing: The price you’ll pay for the GMP compliant products from Mana Private Label will depend on a number of factors, including what kind of products you want to create. Notably, these ultra-high-quality skincare items can be a little pricey at times.

9. Pinnacle Cosmetics

Modern and reliable, the Pinnacle cosmetics skincare and makeup brand produces a huge range of products for today’s would-be business owners. The best thing about this company is its approach to customer service. Pinnacle is always on hand to answer any questions you might have, and you can even request appointments to discuss your company’s options.

The Pinnacle company can help you out with choosing the right variety of products, with insights into what’s trending at any given moment. This brand also helps with creating your brand, with a host of packaging options to choose from too.


  • Excellent approach to customer service, with support for beginners.
  • Lots of product options to choose from with new items appearing all the time.
  • Help with creating your brand and making it stand out via packaging


  • Not suitable for worldwide shipping.

10. Dynamic Blending

One of the top providers of private label solutions, Dynamic Blending doesn’t just allow you to make your own branded cosmetics products, it can help you to build an entire brand. This company has specialists to help with everything from formulating unique blends from scratch, to designing your own packaging for products.

You can even access a team of product design and graphic design experts to help you make a company that stands out for the competition. All that, and you also get a very low minimum order requirement with this company.


  • Great for creating custom blends and unique products from scratch.
  • Help with everything from graphic design to brand building and packaging
  • Low minimum order makes it easier to test different market options


  • Can be quite expensive to access all the available services.

Pros: Pricing for your service from Dynamic blending will depend on a number of factors, including which products you want to make, and how much support you need from the team.

Choosing your Private Label Cosmetics Company

Finding the best private label cosmetics company can be a complex process, particularly when there are so many competing options out there. The good news for today’s would-be cosmetic business owners, is you’re sure to find a great solution in one of the carefully chosen options above.

If you need some extra help making sure you keep on top of your cosmetics business when it begins, check out our fantastic stock management guide.

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