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6 Free Drop Shipping Courses And Resources To Help You Start or Grow Your Dropshipping Business



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One of the best things about the dropshipping business market is the many freely available resources. 

These resources include but are not limited to keyword/product research tools, blog posts, videos, tutorials, and courses that can teach you something valuable, whether you’re new to the dropshipping business or looking to scale your dropshipping business portfolio.

Today’s post will discuss 6 free dropshipping courses that will teach you something, irrespective of whether you’re new to dropshipping or a seasoned dropshipping business owner looking to grow and scale.

Before we get started, let’s briefly discuss some of the key things you should consider or look out for when choosing which free —or paid— dropshipping course to enroll in or take.

When Choosing a Dropshipping Course, Consider These 3 Things

Because dropshipping has so many free and paid learning resources, it’s important to keep a few key factors in mind as you decide which free drop-shipping course or resource to learn from or use as you seek to start or grow your dropshipping business.

Some key things you should consider when choosing a free—or paid—dropshipping course are:

1: Your current and future knowledge needs and goals

Taking a dropshipping course revolves around learning something that can help you achieve your current, most pressing dropshipping business goals.


Before enrolling in a dropshipping course, always consider your current and future knowledge and skills needs.

Considering your current and future knowledge goals and needs, then questioning whether the course in question can offer the requisite knowledge ensures you only enroll in courses that teach you the skills you need to start or grow a dropshipping store.

2: Instructor and Course Reviews

Even when taking a free dropshipping course, it’s important to consider instructor and course reviews because these key metrics can inform your decision to —or not— enroll in a specific dropshipping course.

For example, suppose a specific free drop-shipping course has many students and positive instructor and content reviews. In that case, it might be a good indicator of a valuable course that will prove helpful to you and your current learning goals.

3: Course Duration and learning flexibility


Only enroll in free dropshipping courses that teach you something you need to learn to start managing your dropshipping business better or growing it. By enrolling in such courses only, you can feel motivated to dedicate the required time. 

It’s also best to choose self-paced courses over instructor-led courses and online courses over offline courses. Fortunately, most free drop shipping courses —and even most paid ones— use the self-paced learning model, making it easier to schedule learning into a daily schedule.

If you keep these three core considerations in mind, you will undoubtedly choose and enroll in a dropshipping course that helps and teaches you something in one way or another.


The list below showcases some of the best free dropshipping courses for dropshipping business owners at all levels: beginners, intermediates, or pros:

6 Free Dropshipping Courses Full of Valuable Knowledge

With each tool, we shall discuss the ideal candidate, what’s covered in the course, what you’ll learn, and any other relevant thing you should know.

Let’s dive in:

1: Dropshipping 101 Course by MRR Download

The Dropshipping 101 Course by MRR Download is one of the best free dropshipping courses for beginners. 

It covers everything a beginner would want to know, including but not limited to what dropshipping is and its advantages, how to choose a niche and product to sell, and how to create a brand audience. 

Best for

This course is ideal for beginners:

What the course covers

This is a 10-part course covering the following:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Dropshipping
  • Part 2: What is Dropshipping
  • Part 3: The Big Advantages of Dropshipping
  • Part 4: The Challenge of Dropshipping -Finding Suppliers
  • Part 5: Choosing a Niche and an Industry
  • Part 6: Choosing the Perfect Product
  • Part 7: Creating Your Brand and Building Your Audience
  • Part 8: Building your eCommerce Store
  • Part 9: Persuasive Writing
  • Part 10: Conclusion

What you’ll learn from the course

The course will teach you:

  • What dropshipping is, including how the dropshipping business model works
  • How to set up an eCommerce store and brand name, including how to grow your audience
  • How to conduct market and product research to find the best products to sell
  • How to create effective product descriptions and sales copy to grow your sales volumes

2: AutoDS Shopify Dropshipping 101

This free Dropshipping Course from AutoDS is one of the best courses for anyone who wants to start a Shopify dropshipping store. 

Beyond having many positive reviews:

Best for

This course covers most of the basics, making it an ideal learning resource for Shopify beginners, but it can benefit anyone interested in Shopify dropshipping —even pro dropshipping business owners, thanks to the Facebook ad module

What the course covers

The syllabus has the following modules:

  • Module 1, Getting Started: This covers an introduction to the course and dropshipping
  • Module 2, Finding the Best Products to Sell: This covers: 
    • The secrets and criteria for choosing winning products, 
    • Spying on competitors
    • Finding the best dropshipping suppliers
  • Module 3, Set up Your Shopify Store: This module covers: What Shopify us and how to create an account and set up a store —everything you need to know about setting up a Shopify dropshipping store
  • Module 4, Introduction to Online Marketing: This covers creating and running Facebook ads
  • Module 5, Manage Your Business: This covers fulfilling orders, managing returns, handling customer service, and how to scale

What you’ll learn from the course

This course is a wealth of knowledge and can teach you tons of things, including:

  • How to set up a well-set-up Shopify dropshipping store, including what to consider when choosing a domain name, how to set it up, etc
  • How to conduct product research and the core factors to keep in mind to ensure you find winning products
  • How to create, launch, and optimize Facebook Ads for a Shopify dropshipping store

3: Wix eCommerce School

Wix eCommerce School is an online resource offering free video tutorials and courses from Wix eCommerce experts. 

Most of the lessons within the course are practical and guaranteed to guide you through the A-Z of creating successful dropshipping/eCommerce stores.

Best for

This course is best for beginners but can also benefit any drop shipping business owner looking to learn how to market and grow an eCommerce business —thanks to the second module within the course.

What the course covers

This free course has two main course modules, each featuring multiple lessons:

  • Course 1: Course 1 covers the basics of creating an online store and has 13 core lessons that cover all the basics, from creating an eCommerce store to finding products to sell to inventory and order fulfillment management, etc.

  • Course 2: Course 2 covers advanced drop shipping concepts like online marketing, brand management, getting more customers, and increasing sales

What you’ll learn from the course

This course will teach you all the basic things you need to know to start or run a successful dropshipping store, including but not limited to:

  • The core concepts behind designing well-designed Wix stores, including how to create great product pages 
  • How to manage key dropshipping processes like order fulfillment 
  • How to build a brand that gets repeat customers
  • How to use multi-channel marketing to grow your dropshipping business


Because the course focuses on teaching learners how to create Wix eCommerce stores, it may be limiting if you want to create a Shopify store —however, the core elements taught in the course apply to all dropshipping businesses

4: Printful’s Start A POD Business

This free drop-shipping course from Printful is a comprehensive POD business course that teaches how to start a print-on-demand dropshipping business.

Because Printful is a dropshipping supplier of custom printed products, this course is ideal for all dropshipping business owners intent on starting a POD dropshipping on platforms like Shopify, Magento, Wix, WooCommerce, etc.

Best for

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to start a print-on-demand dropshipping store built on the backbone of Printful’s print-on-demand drop shipping service —Printful can print and fulfill products like clothes, homeware, and other accessories/products.

What the course covers

This is a 5 module course that covers the following:

  • Module 1: Module 1 covers the basics of print-on-demand dropshipping and:
  • Module 2: Module 2 covers niche selection and:
  • Module 3: Module 3 covers online marketplace and eCommerce platforms and:
  • Module 4: This module covers core ideas like payment systems and:
  • Module 5: Module 5 covers marketing, store optimization, and:

What you’ll learn from the course

This course teaches everything you need to know about starting a Printful-based print on demand drop shipping business, including:

  • How to set up your store
  • Choose your first product
  • Get your first sales
  • Market yourself and grow your dropshipping business

5: Shopify’s How to Start A Dropshipping Business

This 17-lessons, one-hour-twelve-minutes-long video course on Shopify’s Learning Center is presented by Corey Ferreira, a successful dropshipper, entrepreneur, and Shopify expert and educator.

The course is free —you only need a free Shopify account.

Best for

This free course is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to start a low-cost Shopify dropshipping business.

What the course covers

According to the introductory video on the landing page, the course covers:

  • How to conduct product, market, and supplier research to find the best, most profitable products and markets
  • The particulars of creating up and managing a dropshipping store, including inventory management and order fulfillment

What you’ll learn from the course

Among other important lessons, tips, and strategies, the course will teach you how to:

  • Validate a dropshipping product idea or business brand
  • Find the best dropshipping suppliers using various market-tested approaches 
  • How to build a six-figure eCommerce business

6:  Create a Dropshipping Store With Shopify and AliExpress

This step-by-step, YouTube-hosted, tutorial-type course is by Sarah Chrisp, a successful six-figure eCommerce business owner and the host of Wholesale Ted, a successful Dropshipping-related YouTube channel.

Best for

Because of its beginner-friendliness, this free drop-shipping course is ideal for beginners who want step-by-step guidance on creating a dropshipping store supported by Shopify and AliExpress as the main source of products.

What the course covers

The course covers all the fundamentals of starting a Shopify-AliExpress dropshipping business, including but not limited to: 

  • How to sign up for Shopify, set up and optimize a store, including branding and setting up a custom domain
  • Editing and optimizing product pages
  • Managing and setting up payment systems

What you’ll learn from the course

The main thing taught in this course is how to set up a Shopify store —all the basics required, including how to set up pages, menus, custom themes, etc.— making this course ideal for beginners. Many beginners have nothing but good things to say about the value offered in the course.


This course teaches most of the basics and may not be ideal for someone who has an already set up dropshipping store or business.

Other Free Dropshipping Resources

Beyond the six free dropshipping courses we’ve covered in this blog, you can use various resources to learn all you would ever want to know. 

For example, blogs are a great learning tool:

Free Dropshipping Blog Resources  

Some of the best dropshipping blogs you can learn from include:

Free Dropshipping Tutorials on YouTube

YouTube is another great medium for highly valuable dropshipping tutorials. You only have to type in what you need to learn, then find the best resource.

For example, searching for the keywords “dropshipping course” on YouTube brought up many options, including an 8-hour long, step-by-step getting started tutorial:

YouTube is another great medium for highly valuable dropshipping tutorials. You only have to type in what you need to learn, then find the best resource.

For example, searching for the keywords “dropshipping course” on YouTube brought up many options, including an 8-hour long, step-by-step getting started tutorial:


Beyond these resources, you can also use platforms like Udemy, Alison, and other similar sites to search for free dropshipping courses. 

For example, at this writing, Udemy had over 400 free courses under the keyword “dropshipping,” catering to learners at all levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

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