Picture of Wei Linchao

Wei Linchao

Dropship and Logistics Specialist, the founder of Bestfulfill that help you with order fulfillment from product sourcing, shipping, branding, and customized package.

What is Bestfulfill Order fulfillment agent process?


Step 1. Tell Us The Details

Send us the product information for the product you’d like to dropship through us. We’ll also need an order quantity and countries you are selling to. This allows us to source the best products and compare price points.

Step2. Quote

Based on the information provided, we will quote you an appropriate price and an estimated delivery time for the shipping channel of your choice.

Step 3 Cost Comparison

Once we’ve located a few supply options, we’ll connect you to our ERP system and help you explore your cost options.

Step 4. Payment

Next, you’ll confirm which option works
best for you and we’ll process your payment. Once payment is made, we’ll start
purchasing and processing your orders. Tracking numbers are then sent to you
automatically when products are shipped or after processing, whichever you

Step 5. Shipping

Products will be quality checked and organized for shipment on the same day we receive them.

Step 6. After Sale services

we offer free resend or refund if your orders is defective or lost, feel free to let us know

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