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10 Fantastic Private Label Candle Manufacturers

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Candles are one of those products that always seem to be in fashion. No matter the time of year, homeowners love buying candles to brighten a room, create ambience, or just for a delightful scent. For entrepreneurs building a brand, this makes the candle industry an ideal environment to explore. That’s particularly true now that the candle industry is set to hit a value of $13.38 billion by 2018.

While creating your own candles from scratch can be a lot of fun, it’s hardly the most cost-effective way to go into business. Candle making requires a lot of space, time, and investment in various pieces of equipment. For the would-be business owner, those factors can all create a significant barrier to entry.

Fortunately, private label candle manufacturers offer an alternative route. These companies help with everything from sourcing candle ingredients, to designing and branding your candles. The result is a ready-made product you can ship to your customers with minimal initial outlay.

Today we’ll be covering some of the top private label candle manufacturers you can consider if you’re planning on getting into the candle business.

1. Vuurco

Supporting a number of popular countries, like Witchy, the PHS group, and Onward, Vuurco candles helps companies to create signature “scent” experiences for their customers. Vuurco allows companies to choose everything from the color and size of the candle, to the packaging, glass jar, and various other components too.

Vuurco Private Label Candle Manufacturers

Vuurco is popular for a number of reasons, including a commitment to transparency in their use of ingredients. You get to see exactly what goes into each candle, so you can give your end customers the honesty they crave. Vuurco also helps with everything from market research to last-mile delivery, CLP labelling, and warehousing.


  • Excellent range of scented “experiences” including candles and melts: The candles created by the team burn for an approximate 50+ hours, so you know you’re getting good quality.
  • Dedicated perfumery to help you find new scents: You’ll have no problem creating your own custom candles with Vuurco’s customer support strategy.
  • Small run options available: You can even choose from a range of cruelty-free and vegan candles, or wax melts to build out your collection.


  • Can be more expensive than some candles: The high-quality nature of these candles might make then a little more expensive than some other wholesale options.


The price of your private label candles will depend on the kind of products you buy, and the level of customization you need.

2. Paramold

With more than 160 years of experience, Paramold is one of the best family-owned private label candle manufacturers. For customers around the US, Paramold promises rapid turnaround on manufacturing and delivery. You can also choose between small or large batches for your candles.

Paramold Private Label Candle Manufacturers

All of Paramold’s products undergo stringent quality testing processes, to ensure consistency, uniformity, and safety. Entrepreneurs also have the freedom to customize products to suit your branding needs.


  • Extensive experience: The company has specialized in wax and candles for five generations, making it one of the most reliable providers on the market.
  • Excellent quick turnaround: You can quickly access the product you want with a range of customization options, as well as large/small batch options.
  • Huge company: As one of the largest candle and wax manufacturers in the United States, Paramold is sure to be able to match your brand’s needs as you scale.


  • Some product limitations: While you can create a range of quality candles and waxes, you may find there aren’t enough scents and unique customization options to make your products stand out.


You’ll get a quoted price for your candles based on the exact design and product you choose. The more you buy, the less you’ll pay per unit.

3. Harbor Mill Candles

Promising rapid delivery for private label customers, the Harbor Mill Candles company develops high-quality, ethically-sourced candles for entrepreneurs taking a green approach to business. Environmentally-friendly production is important for this brand, and even the wicks are natural wood or cotton.

Harbor Mill Candles Private Label Candle Manufacturers

With Harbor Mill Candles, you can choose from a wide range of different products, all with their own unique scents and designs. There are various branding options too, so you can choose exactly what your candle looks like before it’s delivered to your customer.


  • Eco-friendly products: All candles offered by the Harbor Mill brand are free from phthalates, eco-friendly, and hand-crafted, to ensure the best possible quality.
  • Wide-range of high-quality product options: The artisanship of this company, combined with the wide range of customization options, makes them a great choice for new business owners.
  • Accessories for candles also available: You can also buy a range of accessories from the Harbor Mill company, like wick trimmers.


  • Can be costly: High-quality eco-friendly products can be a little more expensive, but you can usually charge a little more for these candles too.


Your Harbor Mill candles price will be dependent on the kind of products you want to sell, and the volume of candles you buy.

4. Malibu Apothecary

Malibu Apothecary is one of the top luxury private label candle manufacturers, specializing in wholesale and private label products. There’s a huge range of private label products to choose from, including diffusers, room sprays, and other products to complement your candles.

Malibu Apothecary Private Label Candle Manufacturers

If you’re committed to delivering excellent quality in your candles, Malibu Apothecary is a great choice. All candles are stringently tested to the highest quality standards and use a proprietary blend of clean-burning waxes, for a professional finish.


  • Luxury candle design: The company is best known for creating some of the most advanced bespoke fragrance products on the market
  • Branding help: The company can help entrepreneurs with designing, sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping, so you can start seeing results from your business in as little time as possible.
  • Stringent quality standards: You can expect a consistently high-quality standard from Malibu Apothecary, as all candles are tested before delivery.


  • Expensive fragrances: The artisan fragrances available from Malibu apothecary can be quite costly depending on the kind of candles you want to sell.


The exact price of your private label candles will depend on a number of factors, including your candle design. Contact the company to get a quote.

5. Bougie Senteur

Bougie Senteur manufactures and supplies a wide variety of custom, personalized private-label candles for companies of all sizes. This private-label manufacturer offers a huge range of customization options to growing brands. The company is also well-known for using high-quality perfumes and waxes.

Bougie Senteur Private Label Candle Manufacturers

Bougie Senteur candles are designed to last as long as possible, with optimal diffusion properties for the best possible customer experience. The wicks are designed to be smokeless, and the wax even burns evenly, so the candles continue to maintain a great look over time.


  • Plenty of customization options: You can choose the scent of your candle, as well as the container, size, finish, and packaging, to ensure your brand really stands out.
  • Variety of product options: You can choose from a wide range of waxes too, like soy, coconut oil, and beeswax.
  • Excellent high-quality finish: All Bougie Senteur products are designed to the highest standard, offering a smokeless burn and a great long-lasting scent.


  • Best for European vendors: This company is better-suited to European vendors as it followers European quality standards and ships from France.


The cost of your candles will depend on everything from the design of your container to your required perfume, candle size, and packaging.

6. Cho Create

Committed to working with companies to make their private label dreams a reality, Cho Create can help you to create something entirely unique. Unlike other private label candle companies, Cho Create acts as a partner for entrepreneurs, working with them to design the best selection of candles, using the highest quality of ingredients.

Cho Create Private Label Candle Manufacturers

The Cho Create team only uses the highest quality ingredients in its fragrances and products, including sustainable soy wax and 100% safe essential oils. Once your product is ready, you’ll be able to add your own branding and labelling. Plus, there’s a range of packaging options too.


  • Branding support: When you work with Cho Create, you get a complete end-to-end collaborative experience, including assistance with marketing and branding.
  • Lots of customisation: you can add all your own branding, labelling, and ingredient requirements into the mix.
  • High-quality ingredients: Cho uses the best quality of ingredients, including soy wax and essential oils.


  • Only for UK: The Cho Create company can only distribute their products in the UK, making it difficult to ensure global growth.


The Cho create team will discuss your pricing requirements with you based on things like product design, and marketing options.

7. EAP Innovations

Working with a variety of product vendors to access the highest quality of materials, EAP Innovations delivers excellent candle products to companies within the US. Perhaps the most impressive defining feature of EAP Innovations is the custom wax blend used for every candle.

EAP Innovations Private Label Candle Manufacturers

EAP Innovations can work with entrepreneurs of all sizes on a host of different candle designs. You get a lead-free wick as standard, a host of beautiful fragrances to choose from, and a wide selection of containers to make your candles stand out. You can choose from container options like tins, ceramic, custom glass containers and more.


  • Custom wax blend: This wax pours well into a range of candle containers and works perfectly with a host of scents.
  • Lots of customization options: Plenty of different fragrances and wax types to choose from, as well as branding and container options.
  • Great finished results: The wax also burns cleanly, to give your customer a great experience.


  • Only suitable in the US: The EAP innovations company only offers private label candles for US manufacturers, so they’re not suitable for global distribution.


Your price will be calculated based on your choice of products, scents, packaging, and other branding options.

8. FAR Candles

Specializing in coconut and soy-based candles, FAR Candles is one of the top UK-based private label candle manufacturers. The manufacturer is extremely popular for its 100% natural approach to candle design. FAR Candles allows companies to choose from a range of fragrance oils and essential oils to sell under their own brand.

FAR Candles Private Label Candle Manufacturers

You can pick from a range of containers, add your own labels, and even design unique packaging for the items you make. There’s also a very low minimum order requirement, so you can start with small numbers when you’re testing the profitability of a new candle or scent.


  • Natural products: There are no dangerous ingredients or chemicals used at all, so you can promise your customers they’re getting the cleanest experience when they buy from you.
  • Low minimum orders: It’s easy to get started and experiment with different designs without spending a fortune.
  • Lots of fragrance options: A wide range of essential oils ensures you can create a very attractive range of candles.


  • High costs: The use of soy and coconut bases for candles does make the price per unit for this private label manufacturer a little higher.


You’ll need to speak to the FAR candles team to learn more about their pricing strategy and discounts on bulk orders.

9. LIT & Co

Perfect for a huge range of entrepreneurs looking to add candles to their product line-up, LIT and Co offers both wholesale and private label solutions for brands. You can contact the company to build your perfect candle from scratch, featuring everything from your own bespoke scent to your preferred container and packaging options.

LIT & Co Private Label Candle Manufacturers

You also get the promise of extremely high-quality candles, with pure fragrance oil, natural cotton wicks, and a 55+ hour burning time. There’s even the option to sell a combination of your own candles, and some of the LIT & Co signature scents too.


  • Samples: There are no dangerous ingredients or chemicals used at all, so you can promise your customers they’re getting the cleanest possible experience when they buy from you.
  • Multiple selling options: Design your own candles or sell the pre-made products from the LIT & Co company.
  • Great burning time: 55+ hour burning time ensures your customers get a great experience.


  • Customer service: It might be difficult to get assistance with your candles, as the store’s customer service agents are often busy.


You’ll need to contact the team for a quote based on your product requirements.

10. Fleurty Wick

Fleurty Wick Candle produces a huge selection of private label products for would-be candle store owners. You can design customized products from scratch, choosing your ideal selection of scents and container options to suit your brand. There are very low minimums with this business, so it’s easy to get started with a small budget. You can also expect quick turnaround times, even when choosing custom packaging.

Fleurty Wick Private Label Candle Manufacturers

There’s also the option to access Fleury Wick’s help for things like Amazon order fulfillment and product photography too. Plus, you can explore a range of products to accompany your candles, like diffusers and wax melts.


  • Eco friendly: The 100% soy candles are designed to be eco-friendly and come with 100% cotton wicks.
  • Low minimums: You can get started on a budget without buying in bulk
  • Quick turnaround times: production times are fast, even when using custom packaging.


Low minimums mean prices should be low, but you’ll still need to approach the company for an exact price.

Choosing the best private label candle manufacturers

There’s no shortage of great private label candle manufacturers on the market today. With options ranging from eco-friendly candle producers working with soy and coconut, to high-class luxury candle manufacturers, there’s something for every entrepreneur. Once you’ve found the private label manufacturer that’s right for you, your company is sure to heat up in no time.

Need help managing your candle stock as you start your business? Check out this helpful guide to stock management.

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