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Top 10 Private Label Lip Balm Manufacturers

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If you want to start a dropshipping business or have a business in development, finding a private label manufacturer is an essential thing to do. That way, you will brand your business and take things to the next level. However, finding the right private label lip balm manufacturer is not always easy. In this article, we will present you with the best 10 private label lip balm manufacturers.

The Best 10 Private Label Lip Balm Manufacturers | Reviews

1. Amelia Knight Limited

private label lip balm|Amelia Knight Limited

With over 500 employees and $40 million worth of annual sales, Amelia Knight Limited is one of the best international private label manufacturers. The company is based in the United Kingdom, but also a warehouse in China and the United States.

Besides lip balms, the company offers various cosmetics with ethical and vegan product formulations. With 10,000 retail outlets, Amelia Knight Limited services 5 continents and sells over 100,000 units annually.


  • Good price and quality ratio. Although we can’t say that their products are extremely affordable, but products are of top-quality, which justifies the price.
  • Trend and market analysis. Amalia Knight Limited offers to analyze the trends and the market for free, as long as you satisfy the minimum order amount.
  • Unique products. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can request a unique product with unique ingredients.


  • Slow customer support team. It can take them a while to get back with the response. If you have another question, you will have to wait an additional couple of days for the next response.


The pricing of Amelia Knight Limited is unknown. You would have to contact their support team for more information.

2. Dynamic Blending

private label lip balm|Dynamic Blending

Dynamic Blending is a good choice for those interested in small-scale market testing, due to the low minimum order amount. With Dynamic Blending, you will have lower startup costs and quick and easy access to the product. It’s a full-line private label manufacturer which offers a wide range of skincare and cosmetic products, including lip balms.

The company works with Launch Fulfilment and pays a lot of attention to how the products are packed. That way, the customer will receive the product on time and in perfect condition. Dynamic Blending also offers package design and marketing assistance.


  • Low minimum order amount. If you have just started the business, you probably don’t have much money to invest. However, they will allow you to order just a couple of units.
  • They are very focused on packaging. Since they work with Launch Fulfilment, the company always packs products properly and securely, so that they are delivered in perfect condition.
  • Marketing assistance. If you are not a marketing expert, Dynamic Blending will help you out.


  • No package customization. Packages are predetermined, which leaves you with limited customization options.


You will need to contact the company for pricing details. However, they mention that the prices are not negotiable for private labeling.

3. Mineral Mine

private label lip balm|Mineral Mine

Mineral Mine is another trustworthy manufacturer that offers multiple options for dropshippers. For example, they will imprint a 1-color logo on a minimum of 24 pieces for $50, or do the logo in PMS colors for an additional charge of $40. However, for a higher amount of orders, they will imprint the logo for free.

An interesting thing about this company is that they specialize in mineral makeup and lip balms using all-natural mineral pigments.


  • Free logo. They will print the logo on products you order for free, as long as you order a certain amount of products.
  • Extra safe products. Their products are completely safe even for people with allergies or certain skin conditions.


  • A bit long delivery. Some customers reported that the delivery took over a week longer than with other private label manufacturers.


With a minimum of 24 to 144 orders, Mineral Mine will imprint a logo for $50. Note that they don’t charge per piece but per logo size.

4. Strand Cosmetics

private label lip balm|Strand Cosmetics

With years in business and over 200 employees, this French company is definitely worth a try. As the company’s CEO states, their focus is on developing outstanding products and providing the broadest products portfolio.

Strand Cosmetics use different technologies to make their products top-quality. Maestra Colors, ChronoPower+, and Skin Vector are some of the technologies that take their products to the next level. Their color specialists make matte and gloss lip balms in many shades to suit the needs of every client.


  • Advanced technologies. The company integrated different high-end technologies to make its products.
  • Many colors to choose from. There are literally thousands of shades that you can choose from to create your unique product.


  • Long response time. If you need to contact the company, it can take up to a week until you get a response.


The company doesn’t state anything about the pricing. You will need to contact them.

5. Skinovators GmbH

private label lip balm|Skinovators GmbH

This is a popular company for big businesses (minimum orders are 10,000 units). With over 400 existing high-tech cosmetic formulas, they manufacture some of the highest quality lip balms in Europe.

The company will also provide you with ideas for your individual ready-to-sell cosmetic concept and help with the development of your individual private label range. It’s a full-service OEM company that is quick, flexible, and reliable. If you have already developed your business and are able to order over 10,000 units, this German company might be your best shot.


  • Fast and reliable. Their customer support team will answer the same day to guide you through potential problems.
  • High-quality products. Their products are literally among the best cosmetic products in Europe.


  • Only for big businesses. If you are just starting out and can’t order over 10,000 units, this company is not for you.


Skinovators doesn’t provide any pricing info.

6. Nature’s Own

private label lip balm|Nature’s Own

Nature’s Own is offers a large selection of lip products, including lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, and similar. It’s a small company with only 12 employees, but they are already making over $4 million in annual sales. We should also mention that all of their products are natural and eco-friendly.

Behind Nature’s Own is a 100-year old company Flower Foods, which is the 2nd largest producer in the US. They have over 9,000 employees and make various natural products, from lip balms to packed food.


  • Eco-friendly. All of their products are safe for the environment.
  • Proper packaging. They package all of their products properly, so you won’t have to worry about customers receiving damaged products.


  • Slightly expensive items. We noticed that their items are slightly expensive, but still of good quality.


You will need to send them a quote for your first order. After 3-7 days, their team will contact you.

7. Radical Cosmetics

private label lip balm|Radical Cosmetics

Radical Cosmetics is a family-owned private label company that makes various skincare products, including lip balms. Every single product is domestically produced, and the company’s CEO states that the quality of their products is always more important than the quantity. As a family-owned company, they always take enough time to know their customers and create a long-lasting and quality relationship.

All their products are mineral, which offers many benefits. For example, their products are non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory, and offer complete coverage for various skin conditions. They are also quite affordable and offer a low order minimum.


  • Quite affordable products. Although their products are of high quality and domestically produced, they are still affordable.
  • Good customer team. It’s not difficult to form a long-term lasting relationship with the company.
  • Low order minimum. A low order minimum makes it an ideal choice for startups.


  • Not many lip balms. Their products are of good quality, but they don’t have many lip balms to choose from.


You need to send an email to [email protected] for pricing details.

8. Audrey Morris

private label lip balm|Audrey Morris

As one of America’s longest-running private label companies, Audrey Morris is definitely a trustworthy choice. They offer both traditional formulas and mineral-based lip balms. Another great thing is that the company offers an enormous amount of different skincare products, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

With Audrey Morris, you get complete control over product specification and production. They can also make you a custom lip balm or other skincare product, with unique formulas, so that your brand stands out from other businesses.


  • Many products! The company offers an amazing amount of products to choose from.
  • Unique formulas. If you want to stand out from the crowd, Audrey Morris will make a product with unique formula for you.


  • Packaging. Some business owners reported customers returning the products due to the damage caused during transport. However, it’s a small percentage.


You need to contact the company on [email protected] for pricing details.

9. Lady Burd

private label lip balm|Lady Burd

With an extensive library of formulas and hundreds of color choices, this company makes finding the perfect blend effortless. They also offer to make custom blends, so that you can stand out from the crowd. The company is almost 60 years in business and according to its CEO, they strive for excellence in all facets of the business.

She also states that their products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. Every product is produced in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and they follow the FDA recommendations. Another great thing is that they have no minimum order amount as long as the orders are not custom. According to numerous customers, their lip balms are of the highest quality and are being sold at a very reasonable price.


  • Custom blends. Like Audrey Morris, Lady Burd will also make lip balms with custom blends.
  • High-quality products. According to many customers, their products are of mesmerizing quality.


  • Difficult to get started. Creating an account is a bit complicated and requires a lot of info.


You will need to contact their account executive for pricing information.

10. Nardo’s Natural

private label lip balm|Nardo’s Natural

One of the very few organic private label lip manufacturers, Nardo’s Natural offers a wide range of CBD-based products. The nice thing about them is that they will add a free label and box design with every single order. All of their products are natural, organic, and cruelty-free.

The lip balms they make contain 14 natural ingredients and don’t contain any paraben or gluten. We should also mention that the company offers to design your logo for free, and if you need a box, the price is around $1000 for 1000 boxes. However, they offer discounts for orders over 2,500 and 5,000 units. If your business is in development, Nardo’s Natural is definitely worth a try. They provide quality products and sell them at reasonable prices.


  • Discounts. The company offers various discounts depending on your order amount.
  • Quality products. Customers reported that their products are of top quality.


  • Customer support team. Their support team always seems like they don’t have much time to solve your problems.


The company charges $210 for 100 labels and $1000 for 1000 boxes.

Why Choose a Private Label Lip Balm Company

Choosing a private label lip balm company is an excellent way to stand out from other businesses by making a brand. Although most companies offer their products as standard, many manufacturers actually allow you to choose among different ingredients that you want to put in the lip balm. That way, you can tweak the color, consistency, look, and the overall final result of the product. This not only allows you to create a unique lip balm but also gives you access to the whole process of making, from start to finish.

What to Look for in a Private Label Lip Balm Company

When looking for a private label company, there are a few essential things you should look for. Let’s check them out.

Certification Standards

You should always look for a company that sells products that comply with the FDA regulations. That way, you will know for sure that the products that you sell are of high quality and not harmful to human health. Note that products without certifications will increase the risk of customer complaints and even legal issues regarding product safety.

Quality Materials

You should ensure that the company you choose uses raw materials for all their products, including lip balms. For example, do they create lip balms using materials produced domestically or overseas? And are they produced from all-natural, organic, and Fair-Trade certified sources?

Low Minimum Order Requirement

This is not important for developed businesses, but if you are just starting out, it’s one of the essential things you should check. Before investing money in ordering bulk products, you might want to request a sample if you’ve never worked with that company before. Note that some companies have no minimum requirement and will print or even design the logo for free, but not every manufacturer will do that.

How to Find a Good Private Label Lip Balm Company

You can find a good private label company in many ways, but let’s mention the best ones. At first, you should look for a company on the internet. That way, you will be able to find a lot of smaller companies that sell products quality products at more affordable prices and have a low order minimum. It’s essential if you are just starting out.

Another way to find a private label company is to attend an industry trade show. These events will give you an opportunity to get a better feel for the company culture. Currently, one of the largest events is Cosmoprof North America, held each year in Las Vegas. Other shows include Body Spa Conference in Australia and Beauty Con in Los Angeles.


As you probably know, it’s a bit tricky to find the right private label lip balm manufacturer. However, you won’t make a mistake if you choose any of the companies from our list. They all provide top-quality products at reasonable prices.

If you don’t know how to properly create your brand with a private label company, you can read this article: <Create Your Own Brand Through Private Label Dropshipping>.

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