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Top 8 Print on Demand Jewelry Manufacturers to Grow Your Brand and Profits


Jewelry, print on demand (POD) or otherwise, is one of the best high-ticket dropshipping niches. At the same time, dropshipping print-on-demand jewelry is very competitive. To thrive, you need to offer unique, high-quality jewelry items to your customers and ensure that their orders are fulfilled in time.

You need to partner with a POD manufacturer that delivers high-quality products within the shortest time possible. To help you make the right choice, here are the top 8 print-on-demand manufacturers and suppliers:

The Best Print on Demand Jewelry Suppliers in 2022 

Print-on-demand jewelry dropshipping can turn out to be a “gold mine” for your business. Not only is this niche unique, but is also evergreen and often offers high-profit margins. Leverage print on demand to push high-quality and personalized jewelry with every order.

While there are numerous jewelry vendors out there, few can beat the value for money offered by the following companies:

1.    Shop 3D

Experience print-on-demand jewelry manufacturing at its best with Shop3D. While the company prints jewelry on demand, it allows you to customize your products whichever way you desire. No wonder it is a preferred choice for so many jewelry designers, makers, and goldsmiths today.

With this manufacturer, you get to virtually integrate state-of-the-art 3D printing and casting technologies into your Dropshipping business. It gives drop shippers access to a wide range of Shop3D jewelry types and materials, including white gold, rose, yellow gold, sterling silver, brass, and bronze.

MOQ and Pricing 

The manufacturer does not have minimum order requirements and does not require any upfront payments. The pricing varies from one POD  order to another depending on the jewelry type and variant, material(s), level of customization, manufacturer location, and the shipping option.


  • Offered more than 200 different materials for various custom jewelry products
  • Features enterprise-grade automation and order fulfillment to further expedite the process
  • Owns an eco-manufacturing network across the US, EU, and UK for faster deliveries
  • The company operates on a white label model—your products are branded with your business logo and details
  • Boasts of an extensive library of jewelry items, options, and accessories
  • Already has numerous custom design options available
  • Offers an array of finish options for all custom jewelry products


 Custom print on demand jewelry manufacturing by Shop3D is costlier than comparable jewelry by other suppliers.

2.    ShineOn 

Partner with the  print-on-demand jewelry manufacturer to turn your designs into premium-quality 3D print on demand jewelry. This platform allows you to create your own jewelry designs or hire a professional to do it for you.

Unlike many other POD manufacturers, ShineOn exclusively deals in POD jewelry products and accessories. The supplier also offers gift-wrapping as an add-on service. This way, a customer can have ShineOn manufacture custom jewelry, wrap it accordingly and ship it as a gift directly to the recipient.  

MOQ and Pricing 

Shine On does not impose any minimum order requirements and does not charge any Drop shipping fees. Jewelry items on this platform are priced differently, with most of them ranging between $ $9.5 and $26.4.

You’ll also be expected to pay shipping costs, which vary depending on the destination. Expect to pay about $6.95 for shipping to the EU/UK and about $5.37for shipping to the US.


  • High quality print on demand jewelry products shipped in a luxury box
  • The best POD jewelry supplier for high-ticket drop shippers—with a diverse catalog of jewelry
  • Allows you to customize your preferred jewelry design in many ways
  • Their custom 3D printed jewelry is manufactured in the USA
  • Comparatively fast order deliveries, especially within the US


ShineOn may not be a feasible supplier when you want the products to be shipped outside the US—shipping will be slower and costlier.

3.    BeeOux

 Get the opportunity to sell beautiful and high-quality jewelry without the risks and hassle associated with a conventional jewelry store. BeeOux presents you with an opportunity to do just that. By partnering with such a popular POD manufacturer, you can sell unique and personalized jewelry in just a few minutes.

The best part is that you don’t need to acquire or store the inventory—just design your jewelry, the manufacturer will handle its production and ship it directly to your customer(s). Their platform is also compatible with all the leading ecommerce platforms.

MOQ and Pricing 

No minimum order requirements. Besides reasonably-priced custom jewelry manufacturing, the company charges a flat shipping fee per order. In this regard, US deliveries incur a flat shipping fee of about $3.50. For international shipments, expect to pay a shipping fee of about $4.50 per order.


  • Integrates with the leading eCommerce platforms like Etsy, WooCommerce, and Shopify
  • Uses high-quality materials to make their jewelry items and accessories
  • Offers affordable shipping worldwide
  • Ideal for bulk print on demand jewelry sourcing
  • Continually updates its catalog with new and revolutionary products


The manufacturer only offers a limited number of POD jewelry products.

4.    InterestPrint 

Interest Print is one of the best print on demand jewelry manufacturers in China. It is best known for its diverse range of print on demand necklaces, watches, pedants, and other jewelry items. You could also have this manufacturer produce male-centric jewelry items from your unique designs.

Despite being a Chinese manufacturer, it offers fast deliveries around the globe—thanks to their fulfillment centers in US, Eastern Asia, and Australia.

MOQ and Pricing

Does not impose any minimum order requirements and allows you to sign up for free. You will also find their POD jewelry to be rather affordable. For example, InterestPrint POD necklaces are priced at around  $16.99 a piece. Expect to pay about $7.99 for a plastic strap watch.

The manufacturer offers free shipping to Asia and the EU, giving you even higher profit margins. Shipping to the US will cost you about $1.39.


  • Sells affordable unisex POD jewelry with free shipping to some regions
  • Allows you to return or have your jewelry exchanged within 30 days of the purchase
  •  International shipping within 30 days
  • Allows you to order sample POD jewelry items at a 25% discount
  • Supports white labeling on all jewelry items—complete with your labels, logos, and packaging
  •  Their platform features an intuitive design tool with customizable mockup displays.
  • Up to 15% discounts for bulk orders


 Most Interest Print products are shipped from China, which often takes longer for orders to be delivered depending on the destination.

5.    ThisNew 

This New, one of the leading Chinese print on demand jewelry suppliers, is a subsidiary of Embracy Pty Ltd. While the supplier is headquartered in China, it has modern POD manufacturing facilities in North America and Asia.

It allows jewelry drop shippers to create and sell print on demand jewelry, wall art items, and bags. To this end, This New boasts of 2,000+ POD product types and variants. Their eCommerce integration allows for seamless ordering through your dropshipping store.

MOQ and Pricing 

This supplier allows you to order any number of products you desire at a time. As for the pricing, POD wooden earrings are priced at around $6.99, name pendants at $17.99, quartz watches at $9.99, and projection necklaces at around $19.99.

You’ll also be charged about a dollar for shipping to the US and $0.2 to $0.8 for shipping to the EU, and UK. Shipping to Asia is free.


  • Ships to more than 200 countries in less than 20 days
  • Offers up 20% in discounts for first-time shoppers
  • Allows for a seamless integration with your Etsy, Shopify, or WooCommerce store  
  • Offers an easy-to-use mockup generator
  • Automated order fulfillment to save you time and money


May take up to a week to print ordered items.

6.    Contrado 

Do you want to build a jewelry brand around custom dropshipping items or just wish to private label jewelry products? Well, you should consider partnering with the Contrado print on demand jewelry manufacturer.

Being a Contrado Imaging Ltd subsidiary, Contrado is committed to empowering artists and helping them exploit their business potential. The company boasts of some of the shortest lead times in the industry and guarantees a profit margin of at least 20% on each item.

MOQ and Pricing 

Neither does this supplier have order minimums, not does it charge Dropshipping fees. Their products are reasonably priced as well—often ranging from $35 for a print on demand bracelet to $99 for a sterling silver necklace.

Shipping costs start at $8.49 and vary depending on the destination 


  • Boasts of a diverse catalog of 470+ premium-quality custom products
  •  Offers fast worldwide deliveries—in 3 to 15 days depending on the destination
  • Offers a free custom t-shirt for first time shoppers
  • Only uses sustainably and locally sourced raw materials
  • Gives you complete control over POD jewelry design and all-over printing capabilities
  • Automates store syncing, product listing, and ordering
  • Offers 100% free custom jewelry dropshipping


Contrado print on demand jewelry products are comparatively costlier, but many buyers find them to be worth every penny.

7.    OwnPrint

Based in the Netherlands, Own Print is a popular print on demand jewelry manufacturer. They handle custom jewelry manufacturing and fulfilment needs of hundreds of drop shippers across the world. Their main objective is to keep your jewelry Dropshipping customers satisfied—with high-quality products, short lead times, and fast deliveries.

Although their manufacturing facility is in Europe, rest assured that your orders will be fulfilled in 1 to 3 days and delivered in less than 6 days. Better still, all the custom jewelry products will be shipped directly to your customer(s) under your brand name.

MOQ and Pricing 

Own Print jewelry does not have minimum order requirements. With this manufacturer, you will only be charged costs that relate to the fulfillment of your order. This often includes the product cost, shipping cost and taxes.

Should your order require extra variants—such as back engraving on jewelry—the manufacturer will charge you an additional 1.50 to 2.00 EUR.


  • Offers more than 100 popular and highly-profitable niches for you to choose from
  • Ships to more than 150 countries at some of the best shipping rates
  • Facilitates fast fulfillment and deliveries for all products—between 1 and 6 days
  • Guarantees enhanced customer satisfaction with every order

8.    PrintFul 

Would you rather work with a POD manufacturer that guarantees fast deliveries? Then you should just partner with the PrintFul custom printed and embroidered products manufacturer. The company has fulfillment centers in Europe, Australia, UK, and the US to speed up deliveries.

Additionally, the custom jewelry products you order will be produced in 2 to 5 days, depending on the complexity of your designs. Their platform integrates with 28+ of the leading eCommerce platforms, making it more convenient for you to design and sell custom jewelry items under your brand name.

MOQ and Pricing 

Does not impose order minimums for any print on demand jewelry item. PrintFul jewelry products are prized differently depending on their type and level of customization required. However, most of their print on demand jewelry is priced between $7 and $12.  

Standard shipping to the US is charged at $3.99. While the basic PrintFul membership plans free, the manufacturer also offers paid subscription plans. To access professional POD tools and services, the company requires you to subscribe to their Pro or Premium membership plans that start at $49 a month.


  • Their platform integrates seamlessly with 28+ eCommerce platforms
  • Uses labor-efficient and cost-effective printing methods, making single-item orders feasible
  •  Have some of the shortest lead times—up to 3 days after the order is placed
  • Their jewelry is engraved in the US and Europe, and is compliant with relevant standards
  • Printful print on demand bracelets and necklaces are manufacturers using AG-925 sterling silver and coated using rhodium or gold
  •  Their website features a versatile Design Maker tool that allows you to create amazing, yet minimalistic jewelry designs.
  • Print on demand jewelry products are delivered in premium packaging
  • Allows you to conveniently import orders in .CSV or .XML format


While PrintFul owns multiple fulfilment centers across the globe, it does not allow you to choose from where you would like to have your order fulfilled.


 Whether you wish to dropship print on demand rings, necklaces, or pedants, be sure to source from a reputable POD manufacturer—the success and customer satisfaction in your brand depend on it. The above-reviewed companies offer affordable, high-quality, and customizable jewelry products and accessories.

Additionally, most of them allow you to sell their print on demand jewelry under your brand name. You should also consider sourcing your POD jewelry through a great sourcing and fulfillment agent like Best Fulfill.

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